Friday, February 20, 2015

Girls Gone Goth

Once they got comfortable with their new bodies, my frankenfairies wanted new clothes, of course.  Disney used to make fashion packs for the fairies but these days the only way to get new ensembles is to buy new dolls so the ladies decided to go shopping in the studio wardrobe instead.  Yet somehow their tastes had changed.  The video below shows what happens to "Girls Gone Goth."

A Bientôt!

Friday, February 6, 2015


I always loved the Disney Fairies' curvy little bodies.

(left -- posable Tinkerbell, right -- original Tinkerbell)

"If only they had articulated legs," I often sighed.

Even vinyl legs with click knees would have been nice

but I figured if Disney did release some articulated fairies, Iridessa wouldn't be among them.

Sure enough when the first fully posable fairies came out, Iridessa was nowhere to be seen.  I feared I would never find an articulated 10" body that would match her complexion and I didn't want to upgrade my other fairies without her so I left the jointed fairies in the store.

Then I spotted the Beatrix Girls.  Their heads are obscenely large but their proportions reminded me of the Disney Fairies so I bought one on sale and swapped Rosetta onto her body.  Suddenly I had a perfectly balanced figure who was capable of wondrous feats like standing upright on a galloping steed,

or holding small props despite the fact that her wrists aren't articulated.

When Beatrix Girls went on clearance at Toys R Us, I upgraded all my fairies except Tink.  I never liked my Tink much.  I thought her hair was too brassy so I pulled it out and tried replacing it with a wig only it came out looking like a rag mop.

Recently, however, I bought an articulated Tinkerbell so this is a comparison of the official articulated fairy with my frankenfairies.

The official articulated fairies have slightly wider feet than the originals.  This means they can't wear any of the original shoes.

The Beatrix Girls' feet are smaller than the original Disney Fairies' feet so they can't wear the shoes either.

(Left to right -- posable Tink foot, original Tink foot, Beatrix Girls foot)

I think the Beatrix Girls body more closely approximates the original fairies' hourglass form.

Unfortunately the Beatrix Girls' hip joint has a deep hollow in front.  Still the dolls all came with leggings, tights, or briefs that hide the hip joint and also afford more play options than the Disney Fairies' painted on panties.

Neither the Beatrix Girls bodies nor the articulated fairies can sit demurely.  Iridessa can at least sit up straight but Tink is a slouch.

Tink's torso is shorter but her legs are longer.

Since neither one could sit with her knees together, Iridessa challenged Tink to see who has the best straddle split.

Tink couldn't do a full straddle or a full front back split either.

"Bet you can't touch your nose," she taunted Iridessa and sure enough, Iridessa could just manage to pat her hair to make sure it was in place.

"Let's meditate," said Iridessa.  She couldn't cross her legs in a full lotus but she got closer than Tink.

Yet Tink proved more adept at crossing her arms.

When it came time to kneel and praise glory, however, Tink could barely get down on all fours.

Iridessa and Tink were evenly matched at doing backbends,

but Iridessa's twist waist put a little more pep in her Charleston step.

The operation to transplant Iridessa's head on the Beatrix Girls body was touch and go.  Although I ruthlessly cut the oversized head away with an Xacto knife instead of trying to soften it up with boiling water, its tremendous weight had weakened the peg that holds the neck knob in place.

During the operation it broke off.

I slathered super glue on the whole assembly and miraculously, it held.

Since Disney will probably never release her in a posable version Iridessa is deeply thankful Chantal turned out to be a perfect match!

A bientôt!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Date Night

"Can't you turn that thing off for one minute?  You promised me you would leave work at the office this evening."

"I was just muting the phone so it won't ring while we're in the movie."

"So we agreed on the action flick because the lead guy is totally hot, right?"

"Your treat, your choice, Irene."

"Hey dearest brother, can you hook us up with two tickets to Boom Zoom Doom?"

"Irene you know I just got this job.  If I start giving you freebies I'll be out on my ear in a New York minute."

"Yeah but who transported your footmobile driving behind to the interview?"

"Sorry Irene, this is the best I can do.  I was saving it for my break but I know how much you love chocolate."

"Next in line please."

"Two for Boom Zoom Doom and a large coke, please."

"Here you are my queen.  Tonight is all about you."

"You said nachos, right baby?"

"Two for Boom Zoom Doom, two large cokes and an order of nachos, please."

"Here you are folks."

"Enjoy the show!"

"Who is that?"

"I don't know what could be keeping him.  I told him to meet us at the theater at 7:30."

"Who?  That school-teacher looking redhead?"
"No, her friend."

"You've told me so much about your brother I can't wait to meet him."

"Next in line please."

"Hey Sis, sorry I'm late."

"I had to put out a last minute brush fire at the office." 

"You can hang it up, jack.  Those green-eyed, Smokey Robinson-looking jokers get all the honeys."

"Oh... Hermione didn't tell me you were so ... tall..."

A bientôt!