Friday, November 7, 2014

Collector's United Doll Show 11/01/14

Last Saturday I attended the Collector's United Doll Show in Marietta, Georgia.  My first purchase was this early Janay.

I'm not sure if this is her original outfit.


She did not have shoes so we borrowed the boots from Raven Simone.

Next I plucked this Steffi faced doll from the same bargain bin.

She came nude but I purchased this outfit later from another vendor.

It is very well-made and closes with snaps.

The third doll from that bargain bin was a Kira.

I believe she must have been a Christmas decoration.

Someone did an outstanding job on the bustle dress.

The dress and the doll were only $2.

I found Yue Sai in another bargain bin.

Yue Sai Kan is a Chinese American television producer who created the long-running PBS series, "Looking East."  Ms. Kan is also a savvy entrepreneur.  In 1990 she launched Yue Sai cosmetics which vaulted to the number one brand in China by 1996.  Just as her cosmetics line sought to enhance the beauty of Asian women, in 2000 Kan saw a lack of Asian faces in the fashion doll market and created the Yue Sai wawa (doll) "to help Asian children develop confidence, knowledge and pride in their heritage as well as educate children of all heritages about Asian cultures."  I was pleased to get a new Asian face for $2.50.

For those who are wondering about her articulation, her arms can open outwards but her legs don't bend.

I have upgraded her to a Disney Princess body.  Now I just need to tackle that rat's nest of hair.

A bargain bin of action figures yielded this handsome specimen.

The vendor identified him as a generic Lanard figure.

He came with nice duds and plenty of gear.

He is nicely sculpted though he doesn't have as much articulation as a Power Team figure.

Not bad for $3!

At $15 this lady was my most expensive purchase.

She was armed to the teeth with a large knife strapped to her leg,

a dagger tucked into her boot,

a pistol in her waistband,

and a rifle on her back.

Her ensemble included this sharp leather jacket

and a bodysuit designed to fit a larger figure.

The seller thought she was a generic figure but this is a Lea-faced Mattel doll.

A Bientôt!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Dressed to Thrill

These days some of the most interesting character and fashion design work for dolls is showing up in the Goth realm.  Mattel's Monster High and Everafter High, Lovely Patsy's Midnight Magic, Playhut's Mystixx, and MGA's Bratz and Bratzillas lines offer dolls in a variety of sizes and shapes so there is a wide range of fashions Goth dolls can share.  This video fashion show demonstrates which dolls fit which lines of clothes so that even if you only have one or two Goth ladies, they can always dress to thrill.  Happy Halloween!

A bientôt

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Women of Color Re-bodied

 "Any idea why Xenobia asked us to meet her here in the grotto?"

"Not a clue..."

"but here come Carmila and Mircala.  Maybe Xenobia was more forthcoming with them."

"Wow!  Fearsome frocks!  I didn't know this was supposed to be like, an ocasion or anything."

"Why thank you.  Those pink Timberlands are clawsome!"

"Did Xenobia say anything about where she's been lately?"

"Actually we haven't seen her in ages.  We were starting to wonder what she was up to."

"At least we can get in a little moon-bathing while we wait."

"Hey ghoul friends!"

"Well look what the black cat brought in.  Hey Ulalume, did Xenobia give you any details about her plans?"

"Not a whisper.  I guess we're all in the dark."

"Here she is now!"

"Is that really you, Xenobia?" 

"Thank you all for coming.  I know I've been out of pocket and I figured I owed my BFFs an explanation."

"One night I met this guy in the club.  I pegged him for a deep sea diver -- you know the kind that can touch the bottom even in the wildest storm so we went back to my place.  He suggests I draw a bath so I start filling it up and splash in my special scented oils... Next thing you know he's dragging me under like he wants to drown me.  Only it turns out he's a merman.  He took me through the bath water to his undersea realm in the Bermuda Triangle so I could meet his mother, the queen of the mermaids.  The whole family treated me so kindly, and Queen Sirena gave me gills and this tail so I can live with Triton under the sea.  It's the first time I've ever felt like I belong somewhere.  We're getting married next month in Nassau and you're all invited!

This post features the Kid Connection Scary Dolls I bought last year, 

and the fashions from this Kid Connection poseable fashion doll.  

Both sets came from Walmart.
I had a lot of fun with the Scary Dolls in my "Freaky Friday" post but I didn't think I would ever find upgrade bodies for blue, green, pink, and orange women of color.  Then trolling eBay gave me some ideas. Vertrice upgraded to a Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West body.

While it's not an exact match for her complexion, the articulated arms are a plus.

Tituba is preserving her modesty with the scarf from the Halloween Star fashion she was wearing.

Uptown Chic Barbie's poser body was a perfect match for her caramel complexion.

Mircala upgraded to a pearlescent pink Barbie Fairytopia Sparkle Fairy body.

Unfortunately her glittery bodice is painted on.

Carmila got a lavender Sparkle Fairy body.  At least her painted-on bodice does not have shoulder straps.  I always felt that the Scary Fashion doll pack should have had one purple doll instead of two pink ones.

Maybe I can figure out a way to stain Carmila's face lavender to match.

Fortunately there was a blue Sparkle Fairy as well so Ulalume also got an upgrade.

Although her face is a little more gray than her new body, I think it suits her.

To my knowledge Mattel has not made any orange Barbies.  I always though Xenobia looked like she had spent too much time in the tanning bed so I would have consigned her to the spare parts bin if I hadn't run across some cheap mermaids in Dollar Tree.  The orange mermaid tail was a perfect match for Xenobia's torso.  I put the pink and blue Sparkle Fairies heads on the pink and blue Scary Fashion Doll torsos and then attached the Dollar Tree mermaid tails in place of legs.

They can serve as ladies in waiting when Xenobia marries her mer king and becomes queen of the sea.

A bientôt!