Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Your Woman

Ay mamacita!” Alejandro exclaimed when Alyssa emerged from the adjoining bath in a new, lace teddy. 

Le gustas? -- you like?” she said with a sultry smile.

Muchisimo!” Alejandro murmured as he brushed a trail of kisses along his wife’s arm. 

Then he spun her around and caught her in an ardent embrace.

Whenever they stayed at her parents’ house they had to spoon in the narrow single bed in Alyssa’s old room.  It was cozy, but Alejandro always ended up feeling frustrated because Alyssa always panicked just when things were getting interesting, saying “What if Papi and Mami hear us?”

“Are you trying to torture me?” said Alejandro, fondling his wife’s fundillo

Then he spun her around again and laid her gently on the bed. 

Le pido, mi amor – I’m begging you,” he said, leaning in for another kiss.

Eres mi vida, mi alma, mi corazón– you are my life, my soul, my heart,” he continued, sliding into the bed next to her and enfolding her in his arms. 

Alyssa tried to feign indifference,

but Alejandro kept whispering endearments and praises while his fingers gently played under the plunging V at the back of her teddy.  

The Saint Regis Lace teddy had been one of the spiciest presents from her bridal shower nearly a year ago.  Alyssa didn’t know what had possessed her to wear it for the first time now with Papi and Mami just across the hall, but before she knew it, she had rolled over on top and was kissing her husband as passionately as he was kissing her. 

Ay papi!”  she cried.  (This might translate as "Aw, get it daddy!")

Y los padres? – what about the ‘rents?” Alejandro grinned.

Pues, soy tu mujer – well, I’m your woman,” she replied. 

In case your dolls are feeling as womanish as Alyssa, here's a tutorial on making the Bareback Teddy.

À Bientôt

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Sneak Preview

Video production is very time consuming so in August when I decided to produce tutorial videos for this blog, I planned to complete 12 tutorials before September 1st and then start publishing one each week.  Since hard drives can crash, I thought the best strategy would be to upload the finished videos to You Tube but mark them “private” until the day I was ready to publish them.  This “Beaded Sandals” video took a long time to upload, however, and while I was waiting, I decided to make a quick trip to the restroom.  When I came back to the computer, the video had finished processing and it had already received a viewing.  “How can that be?”  I wondered.  Then I noticed that there was also a comment.  I clicked on the link and found encouraging words from my doll mentor, Vanessa of Van’s Doll Treasures.  I subscribe to her You Tube channel so I won’t miss any of her excellent doll dramas.  I guess she happened to be on-line in You Tube and could see that I had uploaded a new video in the short interval before I could mark it private.  What a coincidence! 

Two months later here is the official premiere of “Beaded Sandals:”

After watching the “Action Figure Sandals” tutorial, Hippolyta on Figurvore made 20 pairs!  If you make any of these “Beaded Sandals,” I would love to see the pictures.

À Bientôt

Friday, October 14, 2011

A Day at the Fair

A traveling fair set up on the outskirts of town over the long weekend so Baba and Mama decided to take the kids.  

There was so much to do and see that they hardly knew where to start.  After much discussion, they bought tickets and rode the swings first because they were closest to the entrance.  

Junebug rode with Baba

and Sissy rode with Mama.  Meanwhile Pepe and Eloisa waited to buy their tickets.  Pepe’s bunkmates at Firehouse #5 had teased that Eloisa wasn’t tall enough to ride the swings by herself, but Pepe didn’t care.  He was happy to have a day off to spend with his lady.

Finally the swings stopped, the Knapps got off, and Pepe and Eloisa had their turn.

“Fun, Baba!” said Sissy.  “Again please?”  

 So they rode the swings again and then went off to explore the rest of the fair.

Here is a tutorial on making a child’s Afro wig like Junebug’s:

À Bientôt

Friday, October 7, 2011

Criss Cross Camisole

Kira Kim models Saint Regis Lace

When we last saw Kira, she was standing in line at the Community Credit Union, waiting to retrieve a piece of heirloom jewelry from her safe deposit box.  Kira has the classic Barbie figure, but as you can see, the hip hugger briefs that Nakoma Tarbell modeled in the first lingerie tutorial can easily be adapted to fit classic Barbie and other body types.  Here Kira pairs deep purple briefs with her lavender Criss Cross Camisole.  My girlfriends wish Saint Regis Lace designs came in 1:1 sizes!  This tutorial won't help you make these sweet, lacey nothings for yourself but your dolls will thank you effusively.

À Bientôt