Friday, July 13, 2012


"Lisa Jenkins?"

"Come on in, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"So tell me a little about yourself."

What makes you think you would enjoy working here?"

"Oh yes, I remember what big dreams I had when I first came to this town."

"I'm sure you have many other options but if you join our team, the sky is the limit!"

"As you can see, there is no glass ceiling here."

This pink jacket was about the only thing in the Stardoll line that appealed to me.  When I went to Target this week, they had the Stardolls on sale at a price that made buying a doll I didn't want to get a cool outfit seem like a good deal. 

The wig is one in a series of short hairstyles I am developing.  The CEO is a character actress who enjoys playing women who are much more experienced than her numerical age.  She was originally from Toys R Us.  I have upgraded her to a Liv Alexis body. 

"Yes, love, the last candidate looks like she may be the one."

"I'll meet you at the bar in twenty minutes.  XOXOXO"

Even though Liv has a smaller bust than Barbie, it seems that the Stardolls are thinner in the torso in addition to being less well-endowed than other Mattel dolls.  Boss lady better keep that jacket on, otherwise she just might pop out of the dress!

À Bientôt

Friday, July 6, 2012


A few weeks ago Debbie Garrett of Black Doll Collecting sent me two of these fashion doll heads:

These are the first black dolls we have seen in Dollar Tree in about five years.  I had already snapped up six of them but I was delighted to have more.  I just wish they had been available in May before the Atlanta Doll Collector's show.  It would have saved me from having to paint the white ones I bought to serve as wig models.

I like the face mold in both the red-headed and African American versions so I quickly promoted one of the ones I received from Debbie to a dark Liv Alexis body.  Next thing you know she's hosting a Yoga show!  Introducing Bea Garrett in "Yogalicious:"

À Bientôt