Sunday, December 21, 2014


Back in the nineties I read a book about digicash that sounded like pure science fiction.  I was still getting used to using ATMs.  These days you can pay with your phone in many stores.  You don't even need a credit or debit card.  I made the leap into the digicash revolution the weekend of December 13th and 14th when I participated as a vendor in a juried craft show.  Vendors were required to accept debit and credit cards so I bought this card reader at Staples.

Then I downloaded Paypal Here onto my iPad.  Presto!  I was in business.

Here I am at my booth.

I brought a selection of African-style dolls.

I also offered these doll face pins made from paper clay:

I had fun experimenting with all the different skin tones I could make with different shades of acrylic paint from deep:

to fair:

So I made 48 pins all together.

Some of the ladies wore turbans:

Some of the ladies wore veils:

And this one tied the knot in an African-style headwrap:


In 2013 a former student saw a set like this in my studio and asked for it as a wedding gift.  


When he got married on the beach in Florida that summer, he wore the groom and his bride wore the bride pin.  

That gave me the idea to give all my ladies escorts.  This couple turned out to be my favorite:

Unfortunately the show was not well-advertised.  We had very little foot traffic and I only made two sales.  Still preparing for it motivated me to learn a lot of new skills and I have listed the remaining inventory in my Etsy store.  Get 'em while they're hot at Limbé Dolls on Etsy.

A bientôt!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Midnight Blonde

I always knew I was a princess in disguise.

Even though I had monstrously big feet, glasses, and unmanageable hair I was determined to find my happily everafter.

I studied screenwriting so I could make movies that would keep people believing in happy endings.  My dreams started to come true when I got the chance to spend my junior year abroad in England.  Just before I left I cut my hair and dyed it blonde.  

I don't know if all blondes have more fun but London nightlife was a blast.

When I got the opportunity to intern with an indie film company, I needed a look that could flow from day

to evening

so I had blonde extensions braided into my hair.

When I had them removed a few months later, my hair had grown out.

Friends referred me to a genius stylist who created this look for me.

It was time consuming to maintain, however, so I got a perm and a carefree clip that I can just blow dry in the morning.

Meanwhile my Prince Charming did finally manifest.  He's always 15 minutes late,

but when he does that hand-kissing thing,

he makes me feel like a fairy tale princess.

Keep dreaming and your happily everafter will show up right on time!



A bientôt