Saturday, December 6, 2014

Midnight Blonde

I always knew I was a princess in disguise.

Even though I had monstrously big feet, glasses, and unmanageable hair I was determined to find my happily everafter.

I studied screenwriting so I could make movies that would keep people believing in happy endings.  My dreams started to come true when I got the chance to spend my junior year abroad in England.  Just before I left I cut my hair and dyed it blonde.  

I don't know if all blondes have more fun but London nightlife was a blast.

When I got the opportunity to intern with an indie film company, I needed a look that could flow from day

to evening

so I had blonde extensions braided into my hair.

When I had them removed a few months later, my hair had grown out.

Friends referred me to a genius stylist who created this look for me.

It was time consuming to maintain, however, so I got a perm and a carefree clip that I can just blow dry in the morning.

Meanwhile my Prince Charming did finally manifest.  He's always 15 minutes late,

but when he does that hand-kissing thing,

he makes me feel like a fairy tale princess.

Keep dreaming and your happily everafter will show up right on time!



A bientôt


  1. Wow, I love all of the hair style changes! So cute. Glad she found her Prince Charming.

  2. Awwwww... adorable!

    I see gals here with roughly the "genius stylist" 'do and always tell them how wonderful they look, 'cause they do.

  3. Applause. Glad to see the couple happy.

    I enjoyed seeing her story of hair changes, too.

  4. Looks like you wrote your own happy ending! :-)

  5. A lovely story, it's a great couple. Her hair has had some great styles :-).

  6. Which Clawdia is this? I am wondering if you changed her mouth or was she manufactured with that smile.

    I love the versatility of her blonde wigs and most of the outfits are really nice. I especially like the red and black plaid dress.


  7. Great job on her various hairstyles! I am thinking of creating an afro with mine. Very sweet story.

  8. Omg, this is so me! I love her different looks as I set here thinking about tomorrow hairstyle. She is a fashion diva to her heart.