Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Steve Jobs Action Figure

BBC News reports that a Chinese firm, In Icon, has decided to cancel sales of the 12" Steve Jobs figure it had designed as a tribute.  While producing the Steve Jobs figure was well within Chinese law, In Icon opted to respect the feelings of Jobs' family.  The figure, which was due to ship in February, had carefully sculpted, lifelike features and would have been dressed in Jobs' signature black turtleneck and New Balance sneakers.  Accessories included a scale model iPhone.  Collectors who had pre-ordered the $99 figure will receive a refund.
À Bientôt


  1. Hello from spain, i did not know they were launching a doll of SteveJobs. What a shame that the end can not sell it. It would be original doll. Keep in touch

  2. Interesting. Steve Job action figure heads (several different ones) have been available for sale for about a year now. They were even available when he was alive. I wonder if this wasn't a money issue. He really was like Superman in the technical world. He deserves to be an action figure that lives on. You can see one of the available heads here.

  3. I was like Marta, I had no idea there were any Steve Jobs action figures or dolls available until I saw the article on the BBC website. Thanks, Vanessa, for providing information about existing Steve Jobs action figure heads. Maybe the family will eventually license an authorized action figure.