Friday, April 27, 2012

Dead Week

    After a cold snap that dumped late April snow on some states, the weather turned balmy for the last week of classes, but Debbie and Vanessa haven't seen the light of day.  They have been holed up in the library putting the finishing touches on their senior thesis projects.

Debbie was a gift from Debbie Behan Garrett of Black Doll Collecting

Vanessa was a gift from Vanessa Morrison of Van’s Doll Treasures

My doll friends know that I like clones because they add a wider variety of face molds to my collection. 

These two dolls were originally on hollow plastic bodies.  Debbie came from the dollar store and Vanessa was a Chic Boutique doll who turned up in a bargain bin at a doll show.  They had to wait for more than six months, but this week I found a cache of dark-skinned Liv Alexis dolls on clearance at Toys R Us and was able to upgrade Debbie and Vanessa to fully articulated bodies. 

As usual I replaced their original hair with hand-crafted wigs.  Vanessa got a mane of long, straight dreadlocks,

 and Debbie got a curly mop of auburn locks.

Now they are sure to make the Dean’s List!  Many thanks to Debbie and Vanessa for adding these fresh faces to my collection.

Due to the end of semester crunch there is no tutorial this week. 

À Bientôt


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your two dolls news Debbie and Vanessa. I love their new hair and articulated bodies. I also really like the shelf of library books.I like that the two are locked in the library to study. When I was finishing my career I also enclosed a study day and night. In the end theeffort paid off and got the maximum degree. Keep in touch.

  2. How sweet of you to name my DS find after me. Each time I am out and about and see a clone, I think of you, but nothing different from the others I sent have surfaced here yet.

    I love Debbie's auburn curly locks... love Vanessa's black dreadlocks, too! They both look very happy on their new, articulated bodies.

    With new 'dos, bodies, and fashions they have more than enough motivation to ace their senior thesis projects.


  3. I like your library scene. Love the reroots on both your "clones." Debbie and Vanessa - the dolls, lol - are lucky that you found the Liv Alexis older bodies. They can "sit" and "set" themselves up to succeed socially much easier now.

  4. They are both super cute!! I like your blog <3

  5. Very cute! They look great with their new articulated bodies and their new styles.

  6. Both dolls and dio are nice. I love what you did to their hair.

  7. Hi Marta,

    You can download the book covers for the library from

    I am glad that your "Dead Week" yielded excellent academic results and set you up in a good career!

  8. Hi Debbie,

    I'm glad you like your namesake. I have two or three other dolls with that face mold but they have really strange skin tones that don't match any other fashion doll bodies. I'm happy the one you sent me was a more usual brown because I think her face is really pretty and now that I have found a good body match for her, I can play with her properly.

    Thanks again!

  9. Hi D7ana,

    I didn't see mention of the Toys R Us Liv sale anywhere else. Maybe I just walked into a really lucky deal. Not only are these older Liv bodies fully articulated, they also have flesh-toned molded on panties rather than the obnoxious white or pink ones that later models have. I enjoyed the article about Liv dolls that you shared on your blog last week.

    1. I'm glad that you enjoyed the Liv post. Thanks for the compliment ;-)

      Thanks also for letting us know that the later Liv dolls have pastel panties. Sigh. Why? I know, I know. Decency's sake. Pout. LOL.

  10. Hi Sergio,

    Welcome to my blog!

    Hi Roxanne and Georgia Girl,

    Thanks for your comments.

  11. Awww, I am so touched. I look FABULOUS! I love my hair. Debbie looks fabulous, too, just not as fabulous as me. LOLOL! I love her curly wig. Love the library, too.

  12. I love the dolls and what perfect names too. You know you can work that hair. They are so luck to have articulated bodies too.