Friday, January 25, 2013

Kiddles 1

Ms. Leo recently catalogued many of the infant and toddler-sized dolls that add joy to our 1:6 scale doll families so I am chiming in to show that before there were Kellys, there were Kiddles.

Mattel marketed these 2 1/2" - 3 1/2" dolls as a separate brand but I usually used them as babies and toddlers in my Barbie families.

Lola Liddle was the first Kiddle I received.

She is one of the original 24 Kiddles introduced in 1966.  She wore a red sleeveless shirt with a white sailor collar and white pants.

She also had a sailboat and a plastic sailor's cap.

I no longer have her boat and  I cut her hair at some point because one of my Barbie families needed a son.

Babe Biddle came with a yellow convertible sports car (not the one in this picture) and she had a blue headscarf to keep the wind from mussing her hair.

I no longer have the car but she is on her original body and wearing her original dress.

Windy Fliddle came with a little plane.

I still have her pilot's helmet and jumpsuit.

Since her hair was short, the Zacker family adopted her as a son.

At some point I upgraded "Bert" to this taller, unidentified body.

My mother confiscated Soapy Siddle from some hapless child who was playing with her in class.

She presented the doll to me at the start of a trip to see our paternal grandparents.  While Miss Siddle was wearing her red striped bathrobe, I never had the claw foot tub that came with her.

Still she kept me occupied for hours on that long drive.

 À Bientôt


  1. I love their faces. Those cheeks are so pinchable. They really make cute little boys.

  2. Nice post Limbe Dolls! I have one with blonde hair. This post took me back. : ). Thanks!

  3. Hello from Spain: I read the blog of Ms. Leo. She does a great job comparative. You too. I like to see your collection of children. Keep in touch