Friday, January 23, 2015

Date Night

"Can't you turn that thing off for one minute?  You promised me you would leave work at the office this evening."

"I was just muting the phone so it won't ring while we're in the movie."

"So we agreed on the action flick because the lead guy is totally hot, right?"

"Your treat, your choice, Irene."

"Hey dearest brother, can you hook us up with two tickets to Boom Zoom Doom?"

"Irene you know I just got this job.  If I start giving you freebies I'll be out on my ear in a New York minute."

"Yeah but who transported your footmobile driving behind to the interview?"

"Sorry Irene, this is the best I can do.  I was saving it for my break but I know how much you love chocolate."

"Next in line please."

"Two for Boom Zoom Doom and a large coke, please."

"Here you are my queen.  Tonight is all about you."

"You said nachos, right baby?"

"Two for Boom Zoom Doom, two large cokes and an order of nachos, please."

"Here you are folks."

"Enjoy the show!"

"Who is that?"

"I don't know what could be keeping him.  I told him to meet us at the theater at 7:30."

"Who?  That school-teacher looking redhead?"
"No, her friend."

"You've told me so much about your brother I can't wait to meet him."

"Next in line please."

"Hey Sis, sorry I'm late."

"I had to put out a last minute brush fire at the office." 

"You can hang it up, jack.  Those green-eyed, Smokey Robinson-looking jokers get all the honeys."

"Oh... Hermione didn't tell me you were so ... tall..."

A bientôt!


  1. Hahaha, great post! The dolls, conversations and details are awesome!

  2. Hello from Spain: awesome furniture. I love the popcorn machine. A very real couples. Nice dolls .. keep in touch

  3. LOL@ "Those green-eyed Smokey Robinson jokers get all the honeys."

    Good read, great characters. I enjoy your creativity.


  4. I love their expressions and the variety of natural hairstyles!

  5. Paulette, you are creative! Each of the characters have personality in their expressions. Great job on their paintings and great story!!

  6. This is an amazing post! Your creativity is boundless.

  7. Hi all, thanks for your compliments. I'm getting closer to my goal of making my own dolls. The characters in this post are just busts. Now I need to figure out how to make bodies and legs.

  8. "Okay, the popcorn's always over-salted, so ... "

    Oh. Thought it was my turn ;-P

    Are you considering soft bodies (cloth) with wire armature or jointed, hard parts strung together a la marionettes? I wish you success however you do them.

    P.S. The little dude in the bliue hoodie and wearing the blue shades is cheek-pinching cute ;-)

  9. Hi D7ana, the next series was supposed to have cloth bodies, then I planned to do a series of figurines sculpted in clay over wire armature before attempting jointed hard parts. I have been studying tutorials on making ball-jointed dolls, however, so I may skip directly to that step.

    The blue hoodie guy came out looking like some of the Senegalese fellows I knew. Very handsome people!

  10. Awesome! I loved everything about this post, especially the Smokey Robinson looking character. He's my type of guy. Their expressions are priceless.