Thursday, June 23, 2011


One of the things I have come to appreciate in the short time since I connected with the doll community is the pervasive spirit of generosity I have found among doll collectors.  I have received dolls, books, and sound advice on everything from HTML tags to setting up an on-line store from fellow doll enthusiasts.  The Kenja Company that I profiled in a post on “My First Doll Show” manifested this same spirit of generosity by sending me a 15” My BFF doll as a thank you.  Recently, the little lady whose class schedule kept my friend, Ree from meeting me at that doll show turned two so I passed the My BFF doll along to her.  Here she is with her new best friend:

Miss Lady asked Mama to help her open the bright blue box the doll shipped in but she pulled the package out of the box herself and exclaimed over the blue bow I had used to decorate the tissue paper wrapping.  I think she has plans for it to become a hair accessory.  LOL!

Next she opened the tissue paper, revealing the doll’s dainty feet encased in shiny pink mary janes.  A girl can always count on her BFF to lend her a sharp pair of shoes, right?  If only they had fit Miss Lady’s feet, I don’t think BFF would have gotten them back.

Finally BFF emerged from her wrappings and received welcoming hugs.  Miss Lady examined every detail of her new friend with great interest, stroking her soft hair, and admiring her dress.  It seems that the human fascination with the mysteries that lie under dolls’ dresses is instinctive because before you know it, Miss Lady had lifted BFF’s skirt and was tugging at her bloomers.  I remarked that she did not have a belly button to keep the conversation from descending “below the belt.”  The bloomers, dress, and socks, came off, however, so Mama and I suggested that BFF might like to take a bath.

Wrong answer!  Miss Lady was about to trot upstairs and immerse BFF when we explained that the tub was too big for her and she would probably drown in there.  Instead BFF had a bath in the shipping box.  Then the two friends ducked inside Miss Lady's play tent for a few moments of private conversation.

Looking at the My BFF dolls as an adult, I thought they were cute, but I had no inkling of the joy and wonder they could bring to a child.  The Kenja Company’s deceptively simple design is perfect for enchanting little ladies by giving them a friend in their own image whom they can nurture and love. 

Miss Lady has an impressive vocabulary for someone who just turned two (the classes must be paying off) but two simple words came un-bidden as she and BFF waved goodbye at the close of my visit – “Thank You.” 

Thank you to the Kenja Company and to all my BFFs in the doll community!

À Bientôt


  1. Delightful story. Giving from the heart is always a good thing. It appears you received as much joy from this experience as the adorable Miss Lady.


  2. That's sweet. Miss Lady with her new BFF. And what a response ... "thank you" from someone so young and all the more sincere.

  3. wow......they both look inseparable....I guess that tells it all....

    I bought a doll for my lil niece and she has adored the doll each day and the parents told me she dont go no where without them.............the blog said it all.....something close to perfect in their own image and likeness

  4. Hi Dris,

    Welcome to my blog. The experiences of "Miss Lady" and your niece illustrate perfectly why the work of doll makers like Kenja Company is so important. I say "thank you" to them!