Friday, September 30, 2011

"Mandals:" Action Figure Sandals 1

Ken’s has been Barbie’s faithful consort for fifty years, but action figures often make better romantic leads in our doll stories.  They have a wider variety of face molds, their bodies are buff and more pose- able than most Kens, and they exude an aura of risk and adventure that can be hard for a girl to resist.  Unfortunately getting them out of their fatigues and into togs that are suitable for taking a lady out can be a challenge.  Their shoulders are often too broad to fit into Ken’s Italian cut dinner jackets and even when they can borrow civilian shirts and pants, their feet are too big to squeeze into Ken’s shoes.  My ladies got tired of their dates tromping on their toes in combat boots whenever they went out dancing so here is the first in a series of tutorials on making action figure sandals.  This is a more casual style but very easy to make.  Your action figures and their “dogs” will thank you.

À Bientôt


  1. Another wonderful tutorial; I am going to try this soon.


  2. Tony Taylor had his brown suede criss cross Limbe doll sandals on at the cookout. He said they were very comfortable. I kept waiting to see that black and gray outfit. You probably did well not to show it because me and Debbie would have probably asked when you were going to start selling them. LOL!

  3. Way down the road I hope to make a tutorial on making the black and gray outfit my fit model was wearing. Sorry it didn't occur to me to include a full body shot so you could see it.