Friday, October 14, 2011

A Day at the Fair

A traveling fair set up on the outskirts of town over the long weekend so Baba and Mama decided to take the kids.  

There was so much to do and see that they hardly knew where to start.  After much discussion, they bought tickets and rode the swings first because they were closest to the entrance.  

Junebug rode with Baba

and Sissy rode with Mama.  Meanwhile Pepe and Eloisa waited to buy their tickets.  Pepe’s bunkmates at Firehouse #5 had teased that Eloisa wasn’t tall enough to ride the swings by herself, but Pepe didn’t care.  He was happy to have a day off to spend with his lady.

Finally the swings stopped, the Knapps got off, and Pepe and Eloisa had their turn.

“Fun, Baba!” said Sissy.  “Again please?”  

 So they rode the swings again and then went off to explore the rest of the fair.

Here is a tutorial on making a child’s Afro wig like Junebug’s:

À Bientôt


  1. Okay, I had to laugh at the surname, Knapps. After composing myself, I watched the video and again thoroughly enjoyed another Limbé Dolls tutorial. I really wish you would sell your wigs to patience-challenged people like me.


  2. The Knapps did even hit me until I read Debbie's comment. Too funny. Baba has got quite the body. You and Debbie are going to have me out there looking for big thighed men. What a cute tutorial! Of course I am partial to little boys. Debbie, can't wait to see your "No-Sew" version. LOL.

  3. Hi Debbie and Vanessa,

    I had a good laugh about the surname when I made the first wig tutorial. I was waiting to see when people would catch the joke.

    Debbie, I have completed a dark brown braid wig if you are still interested.

  4. Sometimes it takes me a while to catch on. Yes, I am interested! Email me.

    Vanessa -- Don't think I haven't been trying to think of a shortcut version to these wigs. LOL! I haven't come up with anying as clever. Out of necessity, because I needed a very small wig, I made a wig cap with glued-on curly hair in the distant past, but it's just name the same.


  5. LOL at the surname! I did not get it either until I read the comments above. Love how your dolls hair came out, especially the little boy!. Great tutorial.

  6. Hi Chynadoll,

    Glad you enjoyed the tutorial.