Friday, September 6, 2013

Ghetto Fabulous Fashion

Loren scans the horizon but there is no sign of her bus.

Two years ago I bought a bunch of $1 fashion packs at Dollar Tree.  I figured I would use them for characters who are not affluent enough to shop at Ni'Chalet's in Morristown.  Loren's knit dress had potential so I added a rick rack border to the neckline and hem to stop the unfinished edges from raveling.

The coordinating My Scene purse gives the whole outfit more class.

Loren stands back against the wall and folds her arms in resignation but soon Shirelle walks up and asks "what time is the next bus?'

Loren just shrugs her shoulders.  I hadn't encountered this Lovely Patsy face mold before so I was happy to upgrade her to a Liv body.

Shirelle perches on the edge of the lamp post to await the bus.

Sporting a Janay tote, Shirelle is obviously on her way to the gym.  The outfit was cute but not quite street legal so I added the sparkly pink leggings for modesty.

Shirelle was a discount store mermaid.  

I found a spare Disney Classic Princess Tiana body for her so she won't have to give up her voice to join her prince on land.

"What is keeping that bus?" sighs Emily.  She recently pledged AKA and would rather not associate with around the way girls like Loren and Shirelle.

I thought her dress was the prettiest of the lot but the pink and yellow neck strap had to go.  I used green ribbon as a contrasting accent instead.

Emily sits down to wait and demurely folds her hands in her lap.  She is another Lovely Patsy on a Baby Phat Grace body.

"Hey!  Do the 30 bus stop here?" 

Emily's mother told her not to talk to girls like this.

Indeed, Tanesia's origins were extremely humble.  I picked her up at Dollar General last fall.  Her hollow plastic body was so cheap one of her arms was covered with ashy powder.  

She pouted and sulked until I found a Baby Phat Kara body on sale and gave it to her.

I didn't like the garish pink and purple combination in her dress.

Tanesia thought it just needed a little more bling so I glued on some rhinestones.

Now here comes someone who is more to Emily's liking.

"What a cute puppy!"  she exclaims.

Then she makes room for the stranger to sit next to her on the bench.

Carlaine was a ballerina I purchased at Kmart circa 2005.  In those days a $5 clone came on a sturdy twist and turn body with a well-sewn outfit.

She was happy to upgrade to a Liv body but she shook her head when she first saw the dress.

It was an absolute rag but a few accessories and a little eyelet trim made a big difference!

Still no sign of the bus but the ladies are looking ghetto fabulous!

À Bientôt


  1. Awesome job revamping those fashions! Emily is a trip. lol. I love all the outfits, but I think the gym outfit with the incredibly cute bag, is my favorite.

  2. LOL! I agree with Vanessa. Emily is a trip as she stands on the same bus stop with the girls she is not supposed to talk to. Where's her car? LOL!

    I love your ability to turn something simple into something fabulous and weave a story around it in the process.


  3. Hi Vanessa and Debbie,

    Thanks for the compliments. Like many snobs, Emily is insecure about her own status. She doesn't have a car and she can't afford to shop in the best boutiques any more than the other ladies at the bus stop.

  4. Hello from Spain: I like the dress Loren is wearing Loren. Your girls are very trendy. I like the bus stop. The lamp is very real. The dress with strawberries is very cool. Keep in touch

    1. Hi Marta,

      The lamp is a solar lamp that is designed to light walkways in your yard. I thought it would be the right scale for my fashion dolls. I'm glad it worked out so well.

  5. You have improved those budget fashions nicely. I like Tanesia's new hair, too. The bright color and the cut really make her stand out.

    My jaw dropped when Emily ignored Tanesia. She didn't have to have a long conversation, but she could have answered Tanesia's question with a brief yes or no. I have had encounters like that though where people deliberately ignore me. Their loss, I remind myself ;-)

    1. Hi D7ana,

      Yes, Emily has a very poor home training. Fortunately Tanesia didn't seem upset by the snub.

  6. Hola, que bonita ropa, todas se ven muy bonitas, el color rosa las hace verse muy bien, hasta pronto.

    1. Hi Lindaivette,

      I get tired of pink since so many doll fashions are in this color but it does look nice on my ladies in this series.

  7. Well done Limbe Doll! Great photostory.

    You have done a great job with theses fashions. I have a couple of them and have plans to embellishings as well. My favorites are the outfits that Loren and Caralaine has on.

    Emily is doing just what she needs to be doing...sitting down. My initial thought when you introduced her character was "Go sit down somewhere". Lol!

    P.S. I love the lamp post. Very creative.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,

      Thanks for the compliments. I would love to see what you do with these fashions. It was a lot of fun customizing them.

  8. Screaming at Georgia girls remark! lol!! I have seen those outfits and never dreamed they could look so cute. Great Job! I know some AKA's that would be ashamed of Emily's behavior. The other presentable lady will probably rob her at gunpoint.

    1. Hi Grandmommy,

      Hopefully Emily's association with the AKAs will teach her better manners. Glad you enjoyed the fashions.

  9. Cool fashion tour! I had the same dress Emily is wearing, but I can't remember where it is

  10. I always love how you introduce your fashions with a story! Great revamp of those outfits.

    Yes, I grew up with an Emily. That snobbish attitude loses its flair when they are riding the same bus you are.