Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Love and Casketball

"Give me an M!"

Most of the school had turned out for the first casketball game of the season.  The exotic new girl, Robecka Steam

seems to have made friends with Llorona Samedi.

They sat together on the end of the top bleacher while Llorona's younger sister, Pomba Gira exhorted the crowd -- "Give me an O!"

Shenzi Demeter watched intently.  Although she comes from a long line of Roma fortunetellers, she was not able to forecast the outcome of the game.

Next to Shenzi sat Mei Long, daughter Tian Long, the celestial dragon.

"Give me an N!" cried Pomba Gira

Rumor has it that Mei and Frankie Stein are an item 

However Cleo de Nile who sat next to them through the whole game saw no evidence to confirm it.

There were some well-established couples sitting in the front row.  True to his feline nature, Uturuncu obviously has a taste for seafood.  He finds Padmavati the sea creature irresistable.

"Give me an S!" shouted Pomba Gira as Claude Garoul and Nefera de Nile looked on.

Nefera kept her arm possessively wrapped around Claude's waist the whole game.

"Give me a T!" but Draculara tried her best not to look in that direction.

She still wasn't over the break-up with Claude.

Claudine had begged off early from her shift at the Coffin Bean cafe so that she could support her BFF in her time of need.

Yet Draculara remained wistful and forlorn.

"Give me an E!  Give me an R" yelled Pomba Gira when star center Rocky Goyle scored another goal.

Personally Claudine couldn't see what her brother saw in that mummified heifer.

But then, she couldn't see what Rocky saw in boney old Pomba Gira either.

"We desperately need some more guy ghouls in this school," she thought.

À Bientôt


  1. That's quite a collection! Love the hair changes.

    1. Hi Muff, I shot those pictures months ago. Since then the collection has grown by leaps and bounds. Normally I'm a sweetness and light girl but something about the Monster High ghouls just grabs me. One reason may be that most of them become people of color in my collection even if that's not how Mattel originally envisioned them -- hence the hair changes.

  2. Love the ghoulish terminology, i.e. casketball game. Coffin Bean cafe - is that your terminology or Mattel's? I know mummified heifer is yours. ☺

    Never have and probably never will get into these, but I enjoy your interaction with them.


    1. Hi Debbie, the terminology is Mattel's. I also should have said that Pomba Gira is a fearleader.

  3. Yes, those MH dolls are really taking over ;-) Thanks for sharing this slice of their ... ahem ... "life," lol.

    I love how you have changed the ethnicity of some of your dolls; makes them even more yours ;-)

    1. Hi D7ana, it is interesting to me that even when the dolls have blue, green, or purple skin, they still seem to have identifiable racial identities. Clawdeen Wolf is clearly intended to be black. Ghoulia Yelp has classic Caucasian features like Katherine Hepburn. I finally subverted mine by scalping her and giving her black and white dreads. Since "black" people are so mixed there are plenty of brown-skinned people walking around with faces like that. Lagoon Blue, however seems unmistakably "white."

  4. I like your MH collection! Cool restyling!