Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

If any interesting clone faces came out last year, I missed them while I was in Senegal.  This year, however, I have been pleased to find several new clone face molds.  This lady is a Lovely Patsy Fashion Stylist:

Family Dollar was well-supplied with African American Fashion Stylist dolls but I already had dolls with that face so I opted for the smoldering Latina:

The doll came with several animal print outfits plus there were some $5 fashion packs with several more. 

My tiger lady is a Kid Connection doll from Walmart.

She came in a pack of six princesses.  There were no black princesses in the bunch but you seldom see a brown-eyed brunette doll and the princess in the harem pants on the left has an ethnic look.

In 2012 Kid Connection did release a six pack of ethnic princesses.  I reviewed them in "Proletarian Princesses."  Unfortunately those dolls were still suffering from the effects of the Recession.  Their bodies looked emaciated and they were made of cheap, hollow plastic. 

 (the 2012 princess is on the left, the 2014 princess is on the right)

This newer batch of Kid Connection princesses has vinyl legs with click knees and a sturdy body equivalent to a Mattel bellybutton Barbie.

 (bellybutton Barbie is on the left, the Kid Connection princess is on the right)

Walmart is also selling Kid Connection dolls that come with a wardrobe.  I thought this Goth rocker was the most interesting:

I plan to review her outfits later so she donned a Lovely Patsy frock for this post:

Her dark hair and strong features give her a very distinctive look.

"Oh my!" I thought when I first saw this leopard print coat in the Lovely Patsy Fashion Stylist packs.  While it is lined, I was disappointed to find that the construction quality is poor and the fabric feels more like a bathrobe than a luxurious fur.


Still the ethnic princess from the Kid Connection princess pack is working it!

 A bientôt!


  1. Awesome post, thank you for so much detail. My local Family Dollar never has anything this good:-D

  2. Your new dolls are nice. I particularly like the head sculpt of the Latina.

    I visited Family Dollar for the first time in a while yesterday. They have restocked the toy shelves. There were Fashion Stylist dolls wearing different fashions than last year's offerings, but since I purchased two last year, (one like your Latina and an AA) I didn't need additional ones. They also had Fashion Stylist fashion packs.

    There was another fashion doll there (whose name escapes me) that came with a pink scooter. I thought the scooter would probably interest those of you who enjoy vehicles. (I don't, so I left it there).


  3. Glad to see you back and look forward to hearing more from you. Some great purchases here, especially the Latina clone. While you were away, I started a blog too and would be honored if you followed me! It is:

  4. Awesome find! I love the outfits these dolls are wearing here,each has a very unique look.Very impressive post and beautiful pictures! :)

  5. Thanks for your comments. Phyllis I went to your blog but there was a glitch in my browser and I couldn't join. I will try again.

  6. That Latina clone is beautiful. I'm looking forward to the clothes review of the Kid Connection doll. They look pretty stylish.

  7. Congratulations on your brown-eye brunette doll; we don't see that combination a lot.

    I like that Goth Rocker. Not the fashions so much as the face. The tanned, close-mouthed princess looks interesting, too. Good to know that the quality of the Kids Connection dolls have improved, too. Thanks for sharing that.

    Oh and your wild cats and bear - cute! Okay, I write that because they're playscale lol, but they do glam up the photos ;-)

  8. Hola, que bonitas muchachas has encontrado, ya las he visto por ahi. Saludos.

  9. Delia would love all those animals

  10. Hello from Spain: I like your new dolls. I had not seen before. Great purchase. Also you have an awesome collection of animals. Nice pictures. Keep in touch