Monday, April 6, 2015

Intuitive Impulses

"Go here!" insists a small voice in my head.  Whenever I listen to it, I usually find some wonderful doll treasure at an incredible price so I have learned to heed my intuition.  On a recent trip to New Orleans it seemed that sometimes other people can hear the call of my intuition too.

My friend and I were on our way to Jean LaFitte nature preserve in Barataria when she suddenly changed lanes and made a left turn into a strip mall where there was a Tuesday Morning store.  I would have waited until we were on the way back because I don't like making left turns against traffic but once we got inside, I found an Only Hearts doll and an Everafter High Cerise Hood at bargain prices.

I had just finished paying for them when my friend said she had to visit the ladies' room.  I wandered around by the check out counter for a moment and then spotted a basket of merchandise with an interesting-looking doll in it.

"Is this someone's cart?" I asked the clerk.  Assured that they were just items waiting to be shelved I pulled out the doll for closer examination.

She turned out to be a J-Doll.

I used my phone to check prices and look up the Toy Box Philosopher's J-Doll review, then I plunked down another $20 for her.  When we got back to the house my friend, who does not like dolls, was as intrigued with her well-made clothes and accessories as I was.

I did a little more research on line and found Pullips and Junk's list of all 63 J-Doll Jun Planning released before they went bankrupt.  I marveled that the one I got, Miracle Mile, was the one that I would have chosen if I had had all the J-Dolls before me.

I also re-read Muff's J-Doll review giving thanks that my doll was in perfect condition with no broken wrists or staining.

My enthusiasm for my new doll did not extend to her head, however.  I sliced it off with an Exacto knife when I got back to Atlanta and donated the body to young Celeste Honorée whom we last saw on a Howleen Wolf body in "I Was A Teenage Frankendoll."

Now she is a sassy 15 year old.

And to think that I would never have found her if my friend hadn't impulsively stopped at Tuesday Morning and then gone to the ladies' room!

 A bientôt!


  1. Cute! Congrats on getting the J-Doll you wanted ... and by chance, too.

  2. The box was waiting for you!

    Celeste Honoree looks great on her new body.

  3. Nice! That was a great random find to make!

  4. I was gonna say that the head did not look like a J-doll head. Great find! I am sure Celeste will be very happy with her new body!

  5. Nice find! I love it when I follow my intuition to "go there" and there is actually something there waiting for me.

    Congratulations on your finds. I actually like the original body.


  6. Hello from Spain: I really like your doll. She is very pretty. Keep in touch.

  7. That means that she was meant for YOU. Congratulations on getting her. I have not seen them in TM in a long while.

  8. Awesome find! I haven't seen that version in my stores. A trip to TM is in order!

  9. Hi Ladies, many thanks for your comments. I'm working on a short video that features Celeste. Hope to post it in the near future.

  10. You really lucked up. I haven't been to TM in awhile so hopefully I will get a chance to go this weekend.

  11. As you can see I am still playing blog read catch-up. Better late than never. Your friend is funny, but I know that feeling of "ooh there's a TM! I must stop now." Congrats on your J-Doll. I had seen a couple at my TM, but not this one. Her outfit is adorable, and so is the sassy 15yr old Celeste.