Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Le Geek C'est Chic

A couple weeks ago Debbie of Black Doll Collecting shared images of new Sparkle Girlz fashions she had spotted.  I went to 4 different Walmarts to track them all down.  Then I rounded up some students from an all girls' high school for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to model them.

The Skating Party
"How do you stop these things?" yelped Aisha who had never skated before.

"I think I'm getting the hang of it," said Dolores.

Nancy struck out strutting smooth crossovers.

So of course Mei Mei had to show off by skating backwards.

 Then Azeeza put everyone to shame as she swept around the corner in a deep lunge.

"I'd better just stick to the basics," thought Hannah.

Saturday in the Park
Dolores was a Chic Boutique princess before she upgraded to a Mattel Flavas body.

It took me a long time to find Aisha, the African American Winx doll.  I didn't like her original hairstyle so I replaced it with curly twists.  I also darkened her eyes and touched up her lip color.

Hannah is a Stardoll upgraded to a Fashionistas body.

Mei Mei is an early Integrity Toys face mold on a Disney Princess body.

Nancy was a dollar store clone, now enjoying a Liv body.

First I made this wrapped locks wig for my Queen of Africa, Azeeza.  Then I upgraded her to a Mattel poser body.

Meet and Greet Mixer
Aisha's mother is a professor at MIT.  She hopes to follow in her footsteps as a computer scientist.

Hannah plans to turn her artistic flair to industrial design.

Dolores' favorite tio lost his legs in Iraq.  She would like to become a bio-medical engineer so she can design better prostheses for him and other amputees.

Nancy has wanted to be an astronaut since kindergarden so she intends to study aeronautical engineering.

Since Mei Mei's favorite TV show is Crime Scene Investigation she's looking forward to a career as a forensic chemist.

Azeeza has vowed to design better water systems for her native Nigeria as a civil engineer.

"We may be geeks but we've got sparkling style!"

A Bientôt!


  1. This was a great way to showcase your Sparkle Girls fashions!! I was not aware that it was so many. Now, I need to hunt down more of them. Nice post!!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl, there are even more Sparkle Girlz fashions than I showed. I'm really impressed with the variety of styles.

  2. Loved seeing the girls showing off their skating moves. Loving the geek theme, too. Congrats on all your new fashions. I found just about all of them at the Walmart on Memorial. I only bought about 7. I will have to track down that black and silver dress. That's one of the few they didn't have.

    1. Hi Vanessa, my ladies were very cooperative and they all balanced on their skates without wires. I probably got to the Walmart on Memorial and snatched up the last black and silver dress before you.

  3. These are some very fashionable geeks. I enjoyed the storyline and loved seeing the many new Sparkle Girlz fashions. I need to return to Walmart to seek out several that were not in stock on my first trip. On a second, I found the leopard skirt Aisha wore to the meet and greet. One of my girls has been wearing it for about a week.


    1. Hi Debbie, thanks for the original tip off. It enabled me to get the full selection of ensembles before they sold out.

  4. Great outfits -- several that I haven't see yet. Love the geek girls theme!

  5. Aisha rocks the green striped outfit way more than anybody I've put it on.

    All of your gals look so good that it's way tempting to keep buying more of these packs...

  6. What a way to showcase the fashions! Especially enjoyed them skating.

  7. Hi ladies, I'm a diehard skater myself so the skating party was a lot of fun to shoot. Aisha has turned out to be a sweet mama stringbean. I shot my geek girls in the first wave Sparkle Girlz fashions as well but never put together a story. Maybe I'll pull that together and post it sometime.

  8. I like the photo with Azeeza in a deep lunge :)