Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Favorite Doll

In response to question #2 in the Baby Beatriz Project survey here is a story about my favorite doll from childhood.

Many of us collect celebrity dolls, but did you ever want to be famous enough to have a doll or action figure licensed in your own image?  I did, so I made the self-portrait doll below when I was about 12. 

Her hair was parted in the middle and styled in two braids with curly bangs in the front like the hairstyle I customarily wore in that era.  I also made her little wire-framed granny glasses like mine. The doll wore a red leotard because I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast.

I made several copies of this doll and gave them to my favorite teachers for Christmas.  

 À Bientôt


  1. That is so sweet. What are the hands and feet made out of?

  2. Hi Vanessa, it should be easier to comment now. I wrapped the hands and feet with thread and then dipped them in latex. I haven't seen any of that stuff in years which is just as well because it was very messy to work with.

  3. I've wanted a self-portrait doll, but I would have preferred to not be publicly visible so the doll would have to have been kitbashed to look like me.

    I like your cloth doll and how you created her to resemble you-in-cloth.

    Nice how you set both Flo Jo and Selena in unique settings that reflect their personalities.

  4. Dear D7ana,

    Thanks so much for your compliments. I read all of your posts and was really encouraged by your dedication (over 300 posts in one year!) and the way that you worked to build your audience.