Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm Your Woman

Ay mamacita!” Alejandro exclaimed when Alyssa emerged from the adjoining bath in a new, lace teddy. 

Le gustas? -- you like?” she said with a sultry smile.

Muchisimo!” Alejandro murmured as he brushed a trail of kisses along his wife’s arm. 

Then he spun her around and caught her in an ardent embrace.

Whenever they stayed at her parents’ house they had to spoon in the narrow single bed in Alyssa’s old room.  It was cozy, but Alejandro always ended up feeling frustrated because Alyssa always panicked just when things were getting interesting, saying “What if Papi and Mami hear us?”

“Are you trying to torture me?” said Alejandro, fondling his wife’s fundillo

Then he spun her around again and laid her gently on the bed. 

Le pido, mi amor – I’m begging you,” he said, leaning in for another kiss.

Eres mi vida, mi alma, mi corazón– you are my life, my soul, my heart,” he continued, sliding into the bed next to her and enfolding her in his arms. 

Alyssa tried to feign indifference,

but Alejandro kept whispering endearments and praises while his fingers gently played under the plunging V at the back of her teddy.  

The Saint Regis Lace teddy had been one of the spiciest presents from her bridal shower nearly a year ago.  Alyssa didn’t know what had possessed her to wear it for the first time now with Papi and Mami just across the hall, but before she knew it, she had rolled over on top and was kissing her husband as passionately as he was kissing her. 

Ay papi!”  she cried.  (This might translate as "Aw, get it daddy!")

Y los padres? – what about the ‘rents?” Alejandro grinned.

Pues, soy tu mujer – well, I’m your woman,” she replied. 

In case your dolls are feeling as womanish as Alyssa, here's a tutorial on making the Bareback Teddy.

À Bientôt


  1. (Fanning myself)
    I enjoyed viewing the tutorial of how to make the bareback teddy that incited Alejandro and Alyssa's steamy romp in her childhood bed.

    You're a great storyteller... (still fanning).


  2. My my my! Great storytelling! The tutorial was very good and easy to understand but I wish I had a sewing machine and knew how to use one.

  3. Laughing uncontrollably. She knew what she was doing when she put on that teddy after a year of not being used. Men will say just about anything at that moment. "my life, my soul, my heart." my eye! He just trying to get into the St. Regis lace! Great story. I will view the tut a little later. I'm working on furniture at the moment, and my attention span may have me switching projects if I watch the tut now.

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, great pictures!!!

  5. Glad you all liked the story.

    Welcome to the blog Cuteek. The Janome Sew Mini sewing machine featured in the tutorial is available for about $50. It is easy to thread and operate. I try to design all the Saint Regis Lace projects so that they all use only straight seams so that beginners can achieve good results. I made the first prototype of the teddy by hand, however, so you don't have to have a machine to make one. It just takes longer without one.

  6. Blushing, and fanning myself, also.
    After reading this story, I feel like... well...,

    "Hey Barbie! Come here and Read this blog post".

    ;) Ken

  7. Love the Teddy's ! The story and pics are great! Do you make these to sell? Love your tutorials as well.

  8. Hi Chynadoll,

    Glad you enjoyed the story and the tutorial. I don't sell these things at the moment. I'm having too much fun developing new designs. Stay tuned for more Saint Regis lace escapades.