Friday, November 4, 2011

What Goes up Must Come Down

Splasing in the waves and building sand castles was fun, but what Courtney really wanted to do at the beach was ride the ferris wheel.


"I bet you can see all the way to the other side of the ocean from the top of the big wheel," she thought.

The line took forever. 

But finally Grace stepped up to the ticket booth and paid for their tickets.  

Once all the riders were safely strapped in their seats, the big wheel started to turn. 

“Whee!” said Shani. 

“Whee!” said Asha throwing her arms in the air. 

But Nichelle just smiled sweetly. 

When they got to the top of the wheel, Courtney looked out over the water and felt butterflies in her tummy but Grace wasn’t afraid.  “What goes up must come down,” she said.

The sisters threw their arms in the air and whooped as the wheel started its descent. 

“Let’s do it again!” said Courtney


Here is a tutorial on making Courtney’s natural texture wig:

À Bientôt


  1. I almost felt Courtney's butterflies as she traveled down on the ferris wheel ride.

    This is another cute story, wonderful pictures, and another informative video.


  2. There are so many great textures of yarn and string to experiment with--yesterday I made a wig for one of my girls using this shiny black cording. It looks great! Your wig tutorial has really improved my customizing skills:D

  3. Yes, she is lovely! This may inspire me to get to my AA Kelly hair redo. Those straight arms came in handy for the ferris wheel ride. LOL.

  4. Love the story - seeing the friends and reading their different reactions to the ride. Love what you did with Grace's and Kourtney's hair. Gives them a more ethnic look.

    Thanks for the tutorial, too.

  5. Thanks for your comments ladies. I may have to get the rest of the SIS ladies so I can do another story featuring the Shani and SIS lines.