Friday, November 11, 2011

Collector's United Doll Show 11/05/11

I'm only working part time right now so a doll show could be a really detrimental to my budget, but I had earned enough money from a copy editing gig to have a good time.  By shopping the bargain bins for articulated bodies, I was able to leave with twenty-one new (to me) dolls and still make rent!

Seeing doll friends is as big a thrill as finding doll treasures.  I bought this silver sprite from Mattie Eley, one of the artists I profiled after the Atlanta Doll Collector's show back in May. 

Although these charming dolls are designed to hang on your Christmas tree, Miss Mattie was wearing one of these creations on her lapel.  At $5 a piece even I could afford to patronize the arts.  If you fancy one of Mattie's People, visit Miss Mattie's Etsy store or check out her website for a full gallery of her work.

I saw several Atlanta Doll Collector's members when I walked in.  A little while later I met up with Vanessa of Van's Doll Treasures.  She gave me three clones including this early Janay.

After a doll show my house reeks of pinesol because I soak everybody in a disinfecting bath first thing.  Then comes the hair pulling.   All the fake, hair weave-looking tresses have to go.  I had to cut off half of this lady's hair before I could scalp her because her locks were so tangled but she cleaned up very nicely.

I passed on the Flavas when they were originally in the stores.  I thought Mattel must be in league with the manufacturers of colored contact lenses since so many of their dolls of color sported blue, green or gray eyes.  Don't they know the majority of the world's population has brown eyes?  I colored Kiyoni's eyes brown and also darkened her lipstick. 


Being somewhat vertically challenged myself, I like having doll characters who are not fashion model height so I will keep my eyes out for more Flavas in the future.

I got Kiyoni and nine other dolls for fifty cents each.  Then I splurged on this Just Girlz Asian princess:

Bruce Lee and Mr. Sulu (played by George Takei) are about to come to blows over her

but I think she has her eye on Toshiro who serves as the fit model in the following shoe tutorial:

Hasbro's movable fighting men may be a little short, but those big feet might be an indicator of sizeable endowments in other areas :-).

À Bientôt


  1. Twenty-two dolls? Nice! That Asian princess is beautiful. I really like the GI Joe guy in the video. My plan this weekend is to make some lingerie and MAYBE a pair of shoes. Fingers crossed.

  2. Almost two dozen new to you dolls... not bad at all. I like to give my second-hand dolls a good disinfectant bath, too. You never know where they've been or what non-human thing has been on or near them. Mr. Clean and Lysol are my two disinfectants of choice.

    Kiyoni Brown is cute.

    Enjoyed the action figure sandal tutorial. For a short guy, he does have large feet.

  3. Thanks for commenting Debbie. Just finished the doll laundry last night. I had to wash all the new-to-me clothes too :-).

  4. My Joes are applauding. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and your photos.