Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back in the Black: Part 2

Sometimes discount dolls have useful articles of clothing or accessories.

The leopard print jacket in the upper left corner of Michelle Teen Fashion’s box turned out not to be as promising as it looked however, the doll came with a pair of serviceable black leggings that will work with all kinds of tops.

Teen Michelle's make up is somewhat harsh.

She looks like a street-wise older woman rather than a fresh faced teenager.  Yet there is still some sweetness and vulnerability in her eyes.  She seemed like a lady with a very interesting story so upgraded her to a Raven Simone Cheetah Girls body.

Fortunately I had a plus-sized St. Regis Lace long line bra and petticoat set that fit her perfectly.

These 10” Pajama Party twins would make cute schoolgirls if their heads were not so large and if their legs could bend.

Fortunately I got some good use out of the pajama sets in The Cold Shoulder

and Beulah’s Boogie.

Last year these sets included two pajama ensembles  (a nightie and wrapper or shorts, top, and wrapper) plus two throw pillows.

There was also a tissue box, and assorted toiletries. 

For $5 this is a good deal so I might pick up some different color combinations from Roses this year.

    Last year I chased all over town looking for these “My Style” clones of Mattel’s “My Scene” line.

 Luckily, I arrived at my neighborhood Maxway shortly after the new deliveries for the fall season.  By stretching to reach high on a shelf over my head and sorting through the white dolls stacked in front, I finally found a three pack of these girls who came with an assortment of stylish low-budget clothes.

I like this face better than Moxie Teenz Bijou’s glassy-eyed stare and the head is a better proportional fit on a Moxie Teenz body.

That body swap gave me a 6’6’ WNBA center.

If you need to start your own WNBA team, there are plenty of black “My Style” dolls available at Roses and Maxway stores in Atlanta.

Speaking of big headed dolls, I will probably go back to Dollar General for at least one more of these Dream Girl, Jean Series dolls.

I like her deep complexion, short haircut, and big brown eyes.  They are glass but unlike the pricier Liv dolls, this dollar store doll’s eyes are both focused in the same direction.  The outfit is also well made even though it closes with Velcro.  This doll is too dark to match a Moxie Teenz Bijou body but there are two other denim outfits available and the price is much better than Mattel's denim basics line.

À Bientôt


  1. I believe I've seen Teen Michelle or a similar doll like her here. I eyed the leggings for the potential to use on another doll, but decided against purchasing. Now I regret that decision.

    I like the Dream Girl Doll. I'll have to see if our Dollar General carries these.

    The My Scene clone is nice, too. I need to stop ignoring these dolls when I see them.


  2. You take these dolls to another level. I never look at these dolls, but I plan to start. I saw the twins at Roses and passed. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello from Spain: you're right because the clothes of these dolls is very beautiful and varied. I also like the furniture. Thanks for explaining about the Maroons. It is very interesting. The ‘My Scene’ clone is very nice. Keep in touch

  4. The Dream Girl Jean Series doll is really pretty!

  5. I usually turn my nose up at these dolls - mean, yes - but I like how you enhance them and how you re-use their fashions for "regular" dolls.

    Confessed Doll Snob, D7ana ;-D

  6. Dear All,

    Thanks for your comments. I have never walked into a Target or Wal-Mart or Toys R Us and found the shelves stacked high with black and Hispanic dolls. That doesn't happen even in cities like Atlanta where some neighborhoods have a large population of affluent minority consumers. The broad selection of black dolls (even though they are cheaply made) is what draws me into discounters like Roses. I like to give my business to retailers who show they appreciate it.

  7. Teen Michelle has a MyScene look about her, too. She does look older. As an older woman, she is very cute. I like the 10" girls. Very cute faces. The MyStyle dolls are really cute, too.

    I keep looking at my MyScene dolls. I really like them, but still can't figure out what to do with them. Thanks for the post.

  8. I really like the My Style doll in the orange outfit. I like that outfit too. She does look way better than the Moxie teen head does!