Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Spice of Life: Part 3

Ms. Lovely Patsy, she is every girl’s best friend.  A girl of big dreams, Ms. Lovely Patsy believes she can be anyone she wants to be with just a little creativity and imagination.  Be a trendy fashion model, a graceful ballerina, a fairytale princess or a blushing bride on her wedding day, Ms. Lovely Patsy has the style and the outfits to be all she wants to be and much more.

The Lovely Patsy brand targets the discount market.  Their designers attempt to create stylish clothes while using simple construction techniques that will keep labor costs down.  The colors and fabrics seek to catch a child’s fancy rather than appealing to adult notions of “taste.”  Quality also varies widely because the company apparently uses many different factories to produce the clothes.  Sometimes shoddy construction mars an otherwise attractive garment.  Sometimes fortuitous coincidence yields a chic and well-executed ensemble, and sometimes flaws in design, construction, and materials produce a fashion train wreck: 

Still, Lovely Patsy fashions are a godsend for the insatiable wardrobe department at Ayamedia Studios so some of our most promising starlets have agreed to model the latest Lovely Patsy designs.

The Ladies who lunch
"Here I am Em!"

"Late as usual."

"Better late than never, sister dear."

Emily and Trish Brown represent two of the Lovely Patsy face molds.

"Waiter, would you please take our picture?"


These days Lovely Patsy dolls come on hollow plastic bodies with unbendable legs so I have upgraded both the Brown sisters to dark Liv Alexis bodies.  What is the Brown sister's favorite motto?

"Life is short.  Eat dessert first."

Frolic in the fountain

Jocelyn Terrell hails from Mobile, Alabama.  She's on a big time photo shoot in Paris but she's still a country girl at heart so she has kicked off her shoes to wade in the fountain in front of her hotel.   

Jocelyn was a $4 bathing beauty from Big Lots.  She came in a bikini and while her torso was made of lighter, cheaper plastic than brand name dolls, she had a “twist and turn” waist and bendable vinyl legs.   

I have since upgraded her to a Mattel “poser” body that enabled her to hold her own in Mama Busara’s African dance troop.  


The Toast of Paris
Sassafrass Simpson came in a two pack of princesses from Roses circa 2006.  

Her short bob and leopard print frock put me in the mind of Josephine Baker.

Although her original body had a twist and turn waist and soft, vinyl legs with bendable knees, her proportions were odd with broad shoulders and skinny legs. 

I first upgraded her to an unusual, flat-footed Kari Michelle body which served her well for performing with Mama Busara’s African dance troop. 

This summer she  co-starred in “Silky Straight,” an adaptation of Nella Larsen’s Passing.

The video is still in post production, but we’ll be seeing more of Sassy on her new articulated Princess Tiana body soon:


Madame Ambassador
Halima was Sassy's twin.  

 Like her twin she has upgraded to an articulated Princess Tianna body.   

She played a hijab-wearing student in “Hommage à Léon G. Damas

and she won the female lead in “The Love Story."  Since her expression is so serene, I cast her as a matriarch this time.   


Yes we can! 
Aisha Lamoore was a K-mart knock off of the Holiday Barbie series circa 2005.   

I bought two of her and two of her darker sister. 

I scalped one of each and discovered that Aisha can carry just about any hair color or style.  She made an impressive screen test as a mermaid queen. 

Then she was cast as a partygoer in “Firehouse #5,"

and she played a student in “Hommage à Léon G. Damas.” 

Although I have not yet found an articulated body that is a good complexion match for her, she still contributes graceful moves to Mama Busara's African dance troupe:

This summer she co-starred with Sassafras Simpson in “Silky Straight,”

but lately she has been spending most of her time campaigning for her candidate.   

 "Register and vote!"

À Bientôt  


  1. Thanks for sharing these additional lovely ladies. The Brown sisters do not have a family resemblance. The pink lipstick gives a fuller-lip appearance that I like on Emily, but I would prefer a more realistic lip color for her.

    Sassafras Simpson is one of my favorites in this group.

    It's great seeing Aisha Lamoore campaigning for her favorite candidate and urging people to register and vote.


  2. Lovely post. I thoroughly enjoyed all the ladies. They were all quite stylish. Jocelyn had the best pose, and loved her in the black and white.

  3. Hi limbe dolls,this post is full of beautiful ladies,I wonder who would be my favourite among all of them.I think I would choose the Brown sisters,I loved them the most and their motto "Life is short.Eat dessert first" lol!!!!!:D:D:D

    Great post,I loved it!!!