Monday, October 1, 2012

The Color of Money

Detail from Kid Connection Fashion Boutique package

Recently, it seems that the availability of black dolls is a significant economic indicator.  For the last five years, despite the popularity of Mattel’s So In Style line, there has been a relative drought in black fashion dolls.  This year, however, both discounters located in predominantly black neighborhoods and major retailers throughout the Atlanta metro region seem to be stocking more black dolls.  This weekend I indulged in a black doll-buying spree at the Toys R Us near the affluent northern suburb of Alpharetta.  I purchased Disney’s Chyna Parks, an articulated Bratz Catz Sasha, and Robecca Steam, the new bronze toned Monster High character.  Nor did I have to dig through stacks of white dolls to unearth these ladies.  There were three or four more of each on the shelves.  (Note:  These dolls are currently on the "layaway" shelf in my closet until I can squeeze money from some corner of the budget to redeem them so I can't take any pictures of them yet).

This afternoon I found myself in the Walmart on Memorial Drive in Decatur, GA.  According to Zip, the population of the 30032 zip code where this Walmart is located is 89.37% African American.  Yet I have often had trouble finding the So In Style dolls there, let alone other black fashion dolls.  Today, however, I was pleasantly surprised to see this store brand sister:

Before the Recession, I had bought some black store brand action figures at Walmart.  Yet there never seemed to be any black fashion dolls in their store brand lines.  I guess someone finally realized our money is as green as everyone else’s.  When I finally got home and deboxed my new doll, I was even more pleased to see that the quality of the doll and her clothes was equivalent to that of clones I purchased before the recession.

I was expecting a hollow plastic body with stiff legs.  Instead this doll has a sturdy twist and turn body with bendable knees:

Her arms extend to the sides as well as swinging forward and back and her thick, firmly rooted hair is so attractively styled that I may leave it alone instead of scalping her so she can wear wigs:

After her bath, mademoiselle smoothed her hair with her 1:6 scale vanity set:

Then she was ready to model the gowns that came in her wardrobe.

The styles are insipid but the fabrics are fairly sensuous to the touch.

 With six fashions to choose from, you could dress a prom queen and her court.

I like the flower detail on this neckline.

 Yet another pink gown is overkill 


but girlfriend came with some serious bling too:

 Unfortunately, her ears are not pierced.

Still the spangled tulle over skirt on this blue gown actually covers the back as well as the front:

This white satin number could double as a wedding gown if you add a veil.

Although mademoiselle is one of the most cooperative models I have worked with, the light was fading so we didn't have time to showcase her shoes

Or her purses.

Nevertheless this product should provide hours and hours of play value.  Thanks to Walmart, I think Santa will be able to make some little girls who live in zip code 30032 very happy.

À Bientôt 


  1. Wow, for $14.97 and you got all that and the body is sturdy, too?

    I was in Wal-Mart today with my husband and intentionally did not go to the toy section. Now I wish I had.

    This was a really great buy.


  2. She's pretty and I love all her accessories.

  3. She bears a resemblance to a old version of a doll that is sold here in Italy, Tanya. Your girl has a similar facemold and also her body is the same.

  4. Congratz for the awesome purchases, I look forward to see the dolls that you bought at the toysRus!!:)

  5. Dear All,

    Thanks for your comments. I think that these clone faces get licensed by lots of different companies so I'm not surprised that Sergio has seen similar dolls in Italy. I like this face so much I may need to get another one!

  6. She is pretty! I believe that I have seen her at my Walmart. I didn't like the price tag, because I thought that the body was plastic. Thanks for the info. By the way, the Kari Mitchell doll/clothes has begun to show up at Big Lots. I have not seen them, but someone in my doll club has seen them and states that they come with a doll and two outfits as opposed to the four outfits. I guess everyone is cutting back...even on doll stuff. Lol!

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,

      Thanks for the heads up about the Kari Michelle clothes. I'll have to check out Big Lots soon.

  7. Hello from Spain: this doll is very beautiful. I like her accessories .. Keep in touch

  8. Hi Marta,

    Thanks for stopping by. I am very pleased with this doll. She is the most satisfying purchase I have made in a long time.