Saturday, February 9, 2013

Phat as Duckbutter

Having survived a root canal earlier in the week, yesterday I dropped into Walmart to do some retail therapy and struck gold -- the new, articulated SIS dolls dressed in Baby Phat fashions were on the shelf.

Unfortunately these dolls do not have the pivotal torsos or knees that allow the Fashionistas to pose so expressively.  Their range of motion is the same as the Kenya dolls, but Kenya feels a little lighter and more brittle.

Trichelle is not available in this wave of SIS dolls. Marissa didn't want her to feel left out so she let her model this Baby Phat fashion.

I am not fond of this melon pink, probably because it is a color I can't wear however I love the purple print leggings.

The Baby Phat logo necklace is a fun accessory

and the purple shoes are scrumptious.

When I lived in New Orleans, I used to tutor the little girls who lived next door.  One day when we were drawing self portraits, the middle girl who was about twelve used the brown marker to color her face and then exclaimed "oh no!  that's too dark!"  Then she took the yellow marker to give herself blonde hair.  I always felt that Kara had the same kind of complex about her complexion.  At least she has found a better colorist this time.

Now if we could just get her to ditch the pink lipstick...

Fortunately this Kenya Fashion madness dress compliments Kara's complexion well and her feet are small enough to squeeze into Kenya's shoes.

Meanwhile Marissa now has enough points of articulation to really work Movin' On Kenya's outfit.

Each of the Baby Phat SIS dolls comes with a pair of stylish sunglasses.

The face screens on some of these dolls seems a little askew but I'm sure Chynadoll can work wonders with them.

Kenya loves Kara's Baby Phat shorts and sweater.

The sweater fits well even though Kenya is a bit better endowed than the SIS dolls.

The tube top and shorts are sewn together as a one piece romper that fastens in the back with a strip of velcro.

While Kenya is searching for her contact lens we can admire her... Baby Phat shoes!

Kenya and the SIS dolls have a very different sense of style but they can wear each others' outfits and add their own personal flair to each one.

For example Grace can rock Rock Star Kenya's jacket and jeans

but she adds her own a note of sophisticated elegance with her Baby Phat sunglasses.

I was never sure what color Grace's eyes were supposed to be before but in this new face screen they are clearly green.

Kenya's hips and thighs are fuller but she can fit comfortably into Grace's slinky black leggings and pink top.

The asymmetrical collar is a very distinctive detail.

Ankle boots complete the ensemble.

The two divas find they can respect each other.

Chandra even invited Kenya to attend her church.

I was disappointed that Chandra's outfit turned out to be a one piece dress.  At the very least, I feel the jacket should have been a separate piece but Kenya was so happy Chandra loaned it to her that she stood up and shouted "Hallelujah!" 

When it came time for the collection she proudly tipped up to the altar in these snazzy shoes.

Kenya is obviously one of those people who goes to church to be seen.

In contrast, Chandra fell to her knees and gave thanks that she has finally been blessed with an articulated body.

I was very glad Chandra was also blessed with soft, curly black hair.  She accented Riviera Kenya's three piece pink suit with a matching Baby Phat headband. 

While I love Chandra the best

all of the new SIS dolls are phat as duckbutter!

À Bientôt


  1. Lovely post.

    It's always nice to treat yourself after a grueling experience. I am glad you were able to find the girls.

    I was just about to write and/or publish a blog on the three girls I found at Wal-Mart today.

    Buy the way, what price did you pay for yours?


    1. H Debbie,

      Buying these dolls and photographing them definitely raised my spirits.

  2. Nice post! I found them yesterday finally. I practically stalked the Walmart in my area, but to no avail. I was able to get them from another local Walmart. It appear that they are only placing one set at a time on the shelf. I have not seen nor heard of anyone spotting duplicates yet.

    I love how you styled them. That Kenya pack is nice. I never saw it in my TRU. Which location did you get yours?

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,

      I'm glad you were able to find the dolls in your area. The Toys R Us in Buckhead still has a few of these Kenya fashion packs. There are on a high shelf near the Bratz dolls and they are lying flat so you would never see them if you didn't know they were there.

  3. I just got four of them myself. Love how you styled them! The photos came out great. I too am not impressed with that top for Marissa. The color is just off. She will def get a makeover and a repaint LOL. She looks really basic to me. I do love how Grace looks though. Thanks for sharing ;-)

    1. Hi Chynadoll,

      Looking forward to seeing your repaints. I'm sure you can make Marissa pop!

  4. Thanks for the review, I want a Chandra, she might be the hardest one to find here in Charlotte. It always makes me sad to read about "our" children and the complex they have with their skin and hair color. All I wanted back in 1975 was a doll that looked like me!

    1. Hi Brini,

      Good luck finding Chandra in Charlotte. I wish the SIS dolls were more readily available so that more little brown-skinned girls could see themselves reflected in a doll who is as beautiful as they are.

  5. Thanks for the notice AND for the story about the gals getting together. I love Chandra getting on her knees to pray and how they are swapping fashions. Cool! But my favorite was your comment about how Kenya is one of those people who go to church "to be seen." LOL.

    Kenya does seem to have a larger than life personality. Check out her fashions ;-D

    You, DBG, Miss Lola, and Ms. Leo have inspired me to write a Kenya post. That post is coming soon ;-D

  6. Hi D7ana,

    Kenya has a larger than life personality because she has a larger than life head! :-)

  7. Hello from Spain, i am glad that you have purchased these dolls. My favorite is Chandra. In my country, this collection is not for sale. Keep in touch

  8. Great post! I love how you incorporate both dolls and their fashions. Love those glasses and the BabyPhat headband. I'm disappointed Chandra's outfit is a one-piece, too. I was looking forward to that jacket being used in other outfits. Glad you were able to get your ladies. I will get mine soon. I only went to one Walmart and there weren't any SIS girls. They did have about 6 each of the Rollerskating and Tennis SIS sets. That was nice to see.