Monday, June 11, 2012

Casting Call: Part 2

If you stick around until the final half hour of a doll show, you can often get good deals from vendors who don’t want to haul all the unsold merchandise back home.  I scored several NIB action figures for $3 this way at the Atlanta Doll Collectors’ annual doll show on May 5th. 

El Mariachi

This figure was a rugged-looking mercenary with big guns and raggedy fatigues.

I thought he would do justice to the mariachi outfit that I bought in San Antonio, Texas back in 1997.

I had to open the sleeve seam to fit his trigger finger into the jacket but I think he wears it well.  

Rodolphe Rigaud

'Dolphe was part of 21st Century Toys’ WWII series dated 1999.  His fatigues and gear were remarkably detailed and well-made but I cast him as a computer geek who has stopped to eat his bento box lunch in the park.  I wonder how many text messages he has to review before he can enjoy his meal.

The vintage Ken shirt is almost too tight for his broad chest but I paid only .20 cents each for the shirt, jacket, and pants.

My ladies are already swooning over 'Dolphe’s smoldering brown eyes.


Most of the time I confiscate action figures’ weapons and military gear but I was very pleased to get this hazmat suit with an action figure I purchased NIB for $3 at the May 5th doll show.  I don’t have a name yet for the stalwart Power Team figure who is now modeling it.

I found him in a bargain bin at the May 20th doll show.  Back in the days when Power Team figures were available in the stores, I always meant to buy some white ones but reducing the black man shortage was a higher priority so I was glad to get this fellow for $3.  


Here is another bargain bin Power Team figure from the May 20th doll show.  He didn’t have hands.

Fortunately, the snowboarding outfit that came with an NIB figure I bought at the May 5th show included a set of molded mittens.  I bought tons of these skis from Dollar Tree in 2005.


Another one of the NIB action figures that I got at the May 5th doll show was wearing this astronaut suit.

Lance, the present model, is a Power Team figure from the bargain bin at the May 20th doll show.

There are ten more ladies and five more guys waiting in the green room for their moment in the spotlight so stay tuned.

À Bientôt


  1. Hi, wow wow ... Congratulations for these wonderful shopping. I really like these guys. I adore Dolphe bento box lunch and in the park. I look forward to seeing your new ten ladies and five more guys. All your purchases have been wonderful. Keep in touch.

  2. You found a bunch of cool guys. Their outfit are very detailed

  3. Where do I begin! I like them all. The first guy is looking awfully sexy on the horse and in that outfit. Vince also has a few of my ladies swooning over here. The hazmat suit is an awesome find!

  4. Wow! You really did get some great buys. Even more impressive are the costumes and other props you have on hand. Congrats! And there's more?


  5. That is a great idea about hanging around at the end of a doll show. We have one coming up here in October...I'll be hanging out for last call!

  6. Wow, you made out like a bandit. I only purchased one thing. I was determined for once to make some money and not shop. I have always purchased several items before I sold one thing. Lol! Nice dolls.

  7. Congratulations on your finds! You got some great deals. I enjoy this rain of men ;-D

    The Mariachi suit and the astronaut suit are really cool. Excellent finds.

    1. Another re-comment:

      Congratulations on these great finds. It really did rain men for you at the show. I am impressed with your on-hand costumes and props.

      Also, having exhibited at a couple of doll shows, it's true that vendors are willing to reduce prices to move items rather than lug them back home.


  8. What great male figures added to your collection!

  9. Hi Marta, the bento box lunch is an eraser. I have found lots of erasers that represent Asian foods at Dollar Tree.

    Hi Miss Lola, if you're not a vendor maybe the best strategy is to arrive when the doors open, snap up the things that immediately appeal to you, and then come back in the last half hour to bargain for things that you would like to have but aren't willing to pay top dollar for.

    Hi Georgia Girl, the Atlanta Doll Collectors' show was my first outing as a vendor. I made money but spent it all. I don't think I could ever turn a profit selling at doll shows because I would see too much stuff I wanted to buy.

    Hi Sergio, Vanessa, D7ana, and Debbie, many thanks for your comments. I am very happy to have found so many gorgeous men.

  10. I can't help but think that Lance looks like Jason Beghe, who plays the sergeant on Chicago PD. Nice work (albeit I'm several years late)!