Monday, June 18, 2012

Casting Call: Part 5

Francesca and Bettina

Francesca came from Toys R Us circa 2005.  Her cousin, Bettina was the African American version of the same face mold.  Their dresses are from a late 1970s Barbie that would purse her lips to kiss when you pressed a button in her back.

I had the African American version of that doll and have kept the peach dress all these years.  I paid $1 for the pink dress at the May 20th doll show.

I bought the white wicker love seat at the May 5th doll show.

Remember the sling-back shoes?  They were (and still are) a pain in the butt to fasten and the straps had a tendency to break. 

Fire and Ice

This tempestuous beauty was originally a ballerina.  I bought her at Kmart circa 2005.  She did a very spirited reading of a villainess role for her screen test and  is now on a fully articulated Mattel poser body with a pivotal waist and arched feet.  I am very impressed with the cut of this slinky blue dress which I bought for $1 at the May 20th doll show.


Candace was a Kari Michelle doll I found in Dollar General.  She upgraded to a fully articulated Mattel body with a pivotal waist and arched feet.

The gown probably came from a Dolls of the World Barbie.  I paid $1 for it at the May 20th doll show.

I also got Beauty, Barbie’s Russian wolfhound there.  I bought this dog when it originally came out in 1979 but left it behind when I moved away from home.  For $8 I was re-united with her at the May 20th doll show.

The sleigh was an eBay purchase circa 2005.

Blanche Norwood

Blanche was a Chic Boutique Snow White.  Her aristocratic bearing landed her a part as a noblewoman in an upcoming episode of the “Playscale Crafting” show even before she had upgraded to her current Liv body.

I paid $1 for the gown at the May 20th doll show.

Brooke Peyton

Like Mimi, Brooke was a teen fashion doll from Wal-Mart.  She earned an upgrade to a fully articulated Mattel body with pivotal waist and arched feet for her roles as the governor’s daughter in “Firehouse #5,”

and as a student in “Homage to Leon Damas.”

The intriguing combination of plaid and pleats makes a surprisingly feminine gown.

I’m guessing it dates from the 1980s because it fastens with metal snaps.  I paid $1 for it at the May 20th doll show.

That brings me to the end of the casting call but I still have new treasures to show in upcoming posts.

À Bientôt


  1. Your ladies are great. Loving their upgrades and all your fabulous dollar finds. I love a good doll show :O)

  2. You did well. How cool that you were able to find the pink version of that dress. Were there several version of Beauty? I had never known of Beauty before seeing her on Brini's website. I bought a similar dog a few weeks ago that is similar to the one Brini has. As soon as I open the box I will try to get an ID on her.

    1. You certainly know how to stretch your dollars in exchange for great buys. Congratulations on everything you were able to purchase for such great prices.

      Kissing Barbie is the lip purser.


    2. I bought Beauty from the Sears catalog back in the day there may have been later versions that I didn't see in the stores because I didn't have opportunities to shop the way I do as an adult. The one that I bought at the May 20th doll show looks just like the one I had.

  3. Francesca and Bettina are beautiful!!!

  4. What a beautiful selection of young ladies. Love the Kissing Barbie dresses. I have them somewhere here at home.

  5. These dolls are lucky for clones ... to get the upgraded bodies and such neat fashions.

    I think your pink velvety dress w. brown fur trim belonged to one of the DotW Russia[n] dolls.

  6. I have enjoyed your post on Casting Calls and especially seeing all of your goodies. I love the staircase. I also noticed the other one as well, but forgot to comment on it. Looking forward to seeing your new treasures.

    1. Hi Georgia Girl,

      The white staircase came from a particle board Barbie house that I bought on eBay. It was pretty much the only thing I liked about the house. The black staircase that leads to Jerry Flanagan's headquarters is from the My Scene Party Pad. Both are very useful.

  7. Hello from Spain: the dresses of the 70 were very luxurious. The wicker chair is wonderful. Congratulations on your purchase and the good price. I still remember those old Barbie shoes. These shoes always broke me to buckle up. I love that dog. Congratulations again on your great shopping ... Keep in touch

  8. Thanks to all for your comments on the Casting Call series. Staging the scenes and shooting the pictures was a lot of fun. The hardest part was thinking of names for the characters!