Thursday, July 14, 2011

If They Could See Her Through My Eyes

Pepe has been holding out on his bunkmates at the firehouse because his new lady is different.  She hails from Nicaragua where 27% of the population is chronically undernourished.  Eloisa didn’t get enough to eat at critical points in her childhood and therefore, though she is a strong-willed young woman of 23, she stands only 4’6” tall.


In Pepe’s eyes, however, she is a Titan.  He met her when he drove his abuela to church for a mission society meeting.  Eloisa spoke movingly about impoverished Nicaraguan mothers’ struggles to get health care for their children.  Pepe approached her afterwards to ask if he could donate some money, but in addition to a fat check for the mission society, Eloisa extracted a promise that he would donate his time.  Pepe didn’t mind volunteering since it meant seeing Eloisa again.  Finally, after a few weeks, he asked her to go salsa dancing with him and she said yes.

Pepe spent hours detailing his car.

In his spare time he restores vintage vehicles and re-sells them at a tidy profit.  He was just about to list this Ferrari for sale when he met Eloisa. 

When he pulled up outside Eloisa's apartment, he was very glad he had been too busy with the mission society to put the Ferrari on the market.  Eloisa isn’t much impressed with material things but her brothers decided he must be a man of substance and character since he had such a nice car. 

 Maybe they won’t break his legs for talking to their sister.


People stared in amazement when Pepe and Eloisa took the floor, but not because of Eloisa’s size. 

They moved so well together that space magically cleared around them as all the other dancers stopped to admire their passion and skill. 

In the world of salsa, men lead and women follow, but a good dancer can make her caballero look masterful or oafish.  Eloisa responded to Pepe's slightest touch...

He twirled her in and out, across and back...

Her supple body bent gracefully to his will...

By the end of the evening, it was plain to see they were a perfect match.

À Bientôt


  1. You have such a flair for characters! Who would have thought up that back story for Eloisa?! Brilliant.

  2. Wow :) Lovely story, as usual. You're so talented!

  3. Great story and a fabulous couple :O)

  4. You know what they say about great dancers! Loved the story. By the way, I just got a white Ferrari just like Pepe's. I'll be sending it over for detailing. LOL!

  5. Dear All,

    Glad you enjoyed the story. My next post is about how the Eloisa character came to be.