Sunday, July 17, 2011

If They Could See Her Through My Eyes -- part 2

“If you can’t beat ‘em, sue ‘em” was Mattel’s response when MGA Entertainment’s Bratz began to erode Barbie’s market share.  Yet, after years of litigation, the Bratz line is now celebrating its 10th anniversary.  I never thought I would buy one of those hydro-encephalic, whorish-looking little creatures, but after noting the quality of the fresh fashions and accessories that come with MGA’s Moxie Teenz, I started looking at the Bratz with new eyes.  In particular I noted that recent models have scaled down versions of the Moxie Teenz’ articulated bodies.  So, frustrated in my quest to find the Clawd Wolf and Draculara gift set, I left Toys R Us with a Bratz Party Yasmin. 

First thing I did when I got her out of the box was pop off the grotesque head.  I tried to match the body with a proper 1:6 scale child’s head, but the womanly hips didn’t look appropriate for a young girl so I had to get creative.

The skin tone matched one of my off brand Latinas who was still awaiting a body upgrade and thus the Eloisa character was born.

Pepe was quick to stake his claim before the Joes could find out about this rare 1:6 scale lady who will never tower over them in heels.  Meanwhile the Garoul sisters were just as quick to claim the two outfits that came with Yasmin. 

Claudia snagged the fringed bag

and paired Yasmin’s tiered top with a flirty, gored denim skirt.  Then she bullied Gloom Beach Cleo De Nile into giving up her green platform sandals.

Glamour girl Claudine went for Yasmin’s sparkly raspberry ruffled top over skinny leg jeans.  

She also grabbed Yasmin’s faux suede cap

and faux fur vest.

Tomboy Claudette grabbed the denim shorts and the clingy pink t-shirt.

They would have taken Yasmin’s gold tights too, but couldn’t get their big feet through the ankle cuff.

Speaking of big feet, the one drawback of this articulated Bratz body is that the legs end in pegs and all the Bratz shoes made to fit them are as out-sized as the Bratz heads. 

I spotted some bare feet designed for Bratz in an eBay lot but it could take me some time to find a pair that match Yasmin/ Eloisa’s complexion.  In the mean time Eloisa can stand un-supported in a wide variety of Barbie boots that are more in proportion to her diminutive height.

My one regret is that Party Sasha, the black Bratz character, was nowhere to be seen but if I find her, she may make some vertically challenged Hasbro action figure very happy.  He will just have to buy her a new wardrobe since the Garoul sisters will probably gang up on her and take every stitch she owns!

À Bientôt


  1. There are some Bratz clones that come with small, Barbie-scale shoes. Their pegs more or less fit real Bratz bodies. I'd offer to send you the lone pair that I have, but sadly it's a pair of pumps and the skin they show is a pale pink, rather like raspberry mousse. Not exactly a match :)

  2. Hi Alrunia,

    Thanks for the tip about shoes for Bratz. I will keep a lookout for some proper feet for Eloisa.

  3. The Garoul sisters are too funny. She came with all of those clothes? The Bratz clothes fit nicely on my Only Hearts and Stacie dolls. If there wasn't the shoe issue, I would probably invest in some bodies for a couple of teenagers I have.