Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wigging Out -- Natural Textures

My Franken-Liv was very lonely being the only big girl in my collection.


I thought my Daniela head might match the Moxie Teenz Arizona body but as it turned out, Arizona was slightly darker than Alexis but still close enough for the second Alexis head to become Franken-Liv’s twin sister.  I didn’t have a Liv head that would match Bijou, the “black” doll in the group but I figured she could be a cousin.  Here she is in the hat and wig that came with Arizona: 

These wigs don’t stay on and the fiber feels very cheap so I couldn’t rest until I made some decent wigs for Bijou.  Having already explored braids, twists, and Afro styles as options for my re-bodied Alexis, I decided to play with color and texture in the wigs I designed for Bijou.  

The Arizona character is supposed to be a dancer so Bijou adopted a dance pose to show off the necklace and earrings that accessorize Arizona’s ensemble.  A single thick braid gathers her natural texture hair at the top of her crown.

I wish the lacey tights weren’t attached to the skirt, but the matching bag would definitely serve for transporting leotards and dance shoes in style.

The low quarter boots are also very chic.

Next Bijou opted for soft, loose waves cut in a sassy bob.  This auburn shade complements her green eyes well.

As always the Moxie Teenz dolls come with plenty of bling and I especially like the crocheted cap.

Skinny-leg jeans and high-heeled riding boots with fringe down the side complete the look.

Of the three textured wigs I made for Bijou, my favorite is a wispy shag in warm brown.  I separate the strands of four ply yarn and stitch them to the wig cap individually.

This process takes just as long as twisting dreadlocks, but Bijou thinks the results are well worth the effort. 

(Here I must confess that I bought two Bijou’s.  The second one is awaiting a suitable 1:6 scale head so that she can begin her career as the 6’6” star center of a WNBA team.  A certain gentleman in my collection desperately needs a lady who can stand up to him…)

The third ensemble came with yet another killer bag.

It also accentuates Bijou’s mile long legs with pink lace leg warmers tucked into fringed boots.

I love the hat that came with this doll but did not judge her abbreviated denim shorts suitable for public display so for this shoot, we borrowed a pair of khaki shorts from my Kens.

In a pinch, Moxie Teenz can also borrow Ken’s shoes. 

If you are an animal lover like Bijou, the best accessory of all is her puppy.

This little fellow is fully jointed and can assume a wide variety of poses.

À Bientôt


  1. Love these natural styles, my favorites are the sassy bob and shag!

    I agree with your quality assessment of MGA's wigs, with the exception of the Afro wig. They did a decent job capturing the Afro texture.

    For those who never plan for Bijou to wear her painted-on hair, to improve the wig fit, place a small piece of adhesive-backed Velcro on top of the doll's head and underneath the wig.


  2. Love the auburn wig that Bijou's wearing. I haven't really played with the wigs on the dolls they were intended. I used the wigs on a couple of the LIV dolls. I have a couple of these ladies and I will play with the wigs :O)

  3. Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for the tip about keeping the wigs on Moxie Teenz' heads. Glad that you and Dollz4Moi like the natural texture wigs. I will keep experimenting.

  4. I am so happy that you are playing with the Moxie Teens. It beats me having to go to the store and enjoy their cool clothing, beautiful handbags and nice accessories. One day I may break down and buy some of the clothing for my Tonner Jac doll. I love what you did with them. The wig restyling is fantastic as usual. I can't even pick a fave this time. I love them all.

    Funny how quickly you are able to produce those wigs for your dolls! LOL!

  5. Hi Vanessa,

    Making wigs seems to have become my main play time activity. I started trying to develop a line of simpler wigs to sell on Etsy, but in the process I came up with several new styles that I want for my own dolls. Since I like to have one of each style in twelve different colors, it will be a minute before I can produce any wigs for sale.