Friday, July 1, 2011

Vision Board Diorama

Have you ever used a vision board to focus your intention on goals you would like to attain and blessings you would like to manifest in your life? 

Years ago I needed a new car.  My dream car at the time was a Mazda Miata so I bought a Matchbox version, painted it blue, and set it out where I would see it everyday.  I also started researching vehicles and loan packages.  Within four months I was able to purchase my first new car.  It was a Geo Metro rather than a Miata, but it was blue and it served my needs well for the next thirteen years.  That experience made me a firm believer in the power of creative visualization.

Like most people in these difficult economic times, one of my goals is to generate a stable and abundant income.  Yet, crazy as it may seem, I actually have psychological blocks against being paid. 

I therefore set up this diorama as a 3D vision board celebrating women of means and envisioning myself as one of them.

Cenobia is studying for the CPA exam while working as a teller at the Community Credit Union. 

Ximena pays her bills by waiting tables but she has saved up almost enough from tips to enroll in the practical nursing program at her local community college.    

Kira will be attending a high profile charity ball this evening and has come to retrieve a piece of heirloom jewelry from her safe deposit box.

Tamar is thankful that she has enough cash on hand to help out her little sister who had to freeze all her accounts while dealing with an identity theft situation.    



and Marta think they have a winning business plan.


They have come to apply for a small business loan.  

Filomena is smiling because her investments are doing well.

She enjoys helping clients realize their financial goals.

My doll avatar has some surplus cash so she is setting up a college fund for her niece and nephew and opening a money market savings account.

What goals would you represent with a vision board diorama?

À Bientôt


  1. I have never used a vision board, but I have recorded my desires and kept the written records in a safe place. Many of these goals and desires have been realized, for which I am grateful.

    I believe we can speak things into existence, both positive and negative, which is why I avoid speaking negatively about myself and others.

    If I were to create a vision board diorama today, right now, it would illstrate a paid-off mortgage. More than anything for myself, a vision board today would illustrate desired goals for close family members (husband, mother, son, daughter, grandsons, SIL... in that order).

    I love Marta's wig.


  2. I embraced the vision board concept years ago, but I have never completed a vision board. I have always had a knack for manifesting just about every thing that I wanted, from jobs to men. My girlfriend was always amazed. I must say that today I am living my dream. I work on doll stuff on average 18 hours per day. The ideas just keep flowing and God keeps blessing me with ways to make the ideas happen.

    I'm with Debbie. Loving the Marta wig and the Filomenia wig.

  3. Hi Debbie and Vanessa,

    Thanks for your comments. The hardest part about manifesting your desires is identifying exactly what you want. For me that is the helpful part about vision boards.

  4. I love the 3 D vision board! My husband and I are paying down our debt and cleaning up that credit so we can buy a house. You are inspiring me!

  5. Hi Dani,

    Good luck with your quest to become homeowners! When I was looking for my first house, I made a list of all the features I wanted and I even drew a floor plan. The house I found had almost everything I envisioned at a price I could afford. Creative visualization works.