Friday, May 6, 2011

Down Memory Lane 3


When I was five years old Mattel offered a free trade in deal so I sent in an off brand doll and got a Twist and Turn Barbie in return.  Of course that doll was white, but here Christie models an outfit that has lasted longer than my first Barbie or any of my other dolls. 

I’m very proud of the fact that I still have the original shoes.

My mother was an accomplished seamstress.

She made the coat on the left and the skirt on the right.

Must have been Christmas 1970 when I got Brad and Christie.


I got the lace outfit at the same time. 

I still think the shoes are the bomb.

I made six or eight of these black suits for my brother’s action figures as a Christmas present when I was about 12.  The turtleneck shirt used to be a sock.

The snooty, rich characters in our stories always wore this outfit which Ningyoboy’s Closet on Flickr identifies as “Golden n Glamour” from 1965.

Unfortunately I have lost the brown elbow length gloves that made it the last word in elegance and sophistication.  I still have the original shoes, though.

And to think this seemed like a scandalously short skirt back in the day!

À Bientôt


  1. Great fashions! They were definitely styling! Once again I am in awe of your memory and your ability to have things from your childhood that are in such impeccable shape. Love the background scenes and decor. I love all the fashions, but the hand sewn ones are my favorite. The lace outfit is to die for.

  2. The vintage backgrounds were originally made for Marx's Sindy doll -- a big headed competitor of Barbie. I bought some Sindy furniture when I was in my teens but didn't keep it when I moved out of my parents' house. Later I bought a whole houseful of Sindy furniture and these backdrops in an eBay auction.

    I was the kind of goody-two shoes kid who actually listened when adults said "take care of your things." I also didn't play with Christie that much so she is in good condition. Brad has had several knee surgeries and his hip is shot.

    The black G.I. Joe belonged to my brother so he had a harder life. He is missing one foot but I made him a new one by making a sock and stuffing it with cotton around a pipe cleaner. I also made the shoes he is wearing because he can no longer put regular G.I. Joe shoes on his bum foot.

    So many people lost so many treasured momentos in the flood that followed Hurricane Katrina that I feel especially blessed that nothing happened to my house in New Orleans so I still have all these things that were part of the happiest moments of my childhood.

  3. These are delightful gems from your childhood. You are blessed to have had them then and still now. If I had an ounce of envy in me, I'd be envious, but I don't, so I can't. Happy for you? Yes! Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, those pink mules or whatever they were called back then are the bomb!