Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Paper Bag and Blow

Lucien has invited some friends over to swim.  He wants his grandmother to meet Alexis, a young lady he has been spending a lot of time with of late.  He thinks Alexis could turn out to be very special so he brings Bianca and Phuong along in the hopes that Mémère won’t say anything “off color” in front of witnesses.

The introductions go smoothly and he and Alexis show Mémère one of the moves they do on the cheering squad at Xavier University where they are both pre-med students.

After the company leaves, Lucien interrupts Mémère’s Yoga practice because he can’t wait to ask “What do you think of Lexie?”

“Well, to be a dancer that child has no behind to speak of,”

“And you don’t usually see a dark-skinned girl with such long, pretty hair unless it came from the store.  Her people must be part Indian.  Where did you say she was from?”

Lucien breathes a sigh of relief.  Maybe Mémère will warm up to Lexie in time.

Twist and Dance Alexis comes with a cute outfit


and her milk chocolate complexion is a step in the right direction,

but let’s hope that the Liv company will make some fully articulated dolls (this one’s knees don’t bend and she can’t sit down) whose complexions are darker than a paper bag and whose interchangeable wigs have tightly coiled hair that doesn’t blow in the wind.

Lucien –  Matching a light-skinned Mattel Steven with a tanned “Making Waves” Jake body is as close as we can get to a black male Fashionista at the moment.

Alexis – a Chic Boutique doll from Kmart was the best complexion match for “Twist and Dance” Alexis.

Bianca – a Chic Boutique Snow White from Big Lots loves the "Moonlight Dance" Daniela body that Phuong turned down.

Phuong – from Integrity Toys did not think that exchanging her womanly curves for greater articulation was a good bargain.

Mémère – an African American “Princess and the Pauper” Barbie on an Alexis “Makng Waves” body, Mémère has traveled to Mysore, India several times to study at Shri K. Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga Institute and hopes to star in a Yoga video soon.

 À Bientôt


  1. Cute story... keeping hope alive for full articulation, maintaining or even deepening Alexis' complexion, for tightly coiled tresses, and for lip color other than pink.


  2. Memere is toooo much. Love her! Love her hair, too. She sounds just like an ol' school grandmother. I don't have a dark skinned Alexis yet, but it's coming. I think I will wait for the next one so that I can get moving legs. I guess in order for the dancing doll to work, she had to have stiff legs. I like seeing Lucien on the Jake body. I have that Jake. That is one of the few Liv dolls that I wouldn't mind leaving as is. But chances are his body will be snatched away from him one day.

  3. Good morning Debbie and Vanessa,

    Glad you enjoyed the story. I was so disappointed that Twist and Dance Alexis' legs don't bend that I was going to take her back to Target. Lucien is begging me to let her stay, however, so I might reconsider.

    Mémère has my paternal grandmother's color struck attitudes. Lexie's complexion and face mold look the most like me out of all my dolls. I used the same doll for my profile avatar.

    If they come out with a fully articulated dark-skinned Alexis, I can fix the hair like I did for Mémère. Lip color isn't hard to change either, but after I got my first Liv, I experimented with coloring another articulated doll with a permanent Sharpie and the results we not good. I'm afraid that paint would cause the joints to stick so all I can do for now is wait for the Liv company to realize brown-skinned people's money is green just like everyone else's.

  4. So on Saturday I will be looking for a Lexie face person between 5 and 6 feet tall at the doll show! LOL. I am not bringing any money to the show, so I may be a little grumpy. Just kidding. I always bring a smile.

  5. They have a darker skinned version of Alexis in the Making Waves line. They keep popping up at Target. I've bought 2 so far. The only other one is the Alice in Wonderland version who is also darker. I had a couple of the Chic Boutique dolls but may have sold them long ago.

    Love the story. Did you reroot Memere's hair?

    Anika :O)

  6. Good morning Anika,

    Thanks for the tips about the darker, fully articulated Alexis dolls. I will keep checking at my local Targets. I went through an anti-Mattel phase so I have a lot of Chic Boutique and other off-brand dolls.

    Glad you like the story. Mémère's hair is a wig that I made.